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Hooked on Crocs

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Ever had a pair of really comfy, ratty ole’ slippers that you just couldn’t give up? Remember that feeling as you slipped your foot into that nicely aged, buttery soft shoe? Did you wonder if you’d ever find another pair of shoes that would be soooo soft and comfortable again?

Well, torture your feet no more. The latest and greatest footwear phenomenon has arrived. They’re called CROCS. And while their makers claim they have ergonomic Italian styling, they’re really, really fugly. That is, they’re funky and ugly looking. They’re so ugly, they could be a fashion statement… But you’ll get over it once you slip them on you feet.

Originally designed as a light, waterproof, slip resistant boat shoe, Crocs are cool, super comfortable and weigh almost nothing. They’re made of a foam-like material that is anti-microbial and odor resistant. If they get dirty, you can wash them with a little bleach and water, and you can even use some Armor All(tm) protectant to shine ’em up.

They’re great for people who are on their feet all day, like chefs, nurses, or boaters, because the shoe softens and molds to your feet for a really custom fit. They make you feel like you’re walking on marshmallows.

You can buy them online through their website Crocs.com, and other online stores like Amazon.com, or at your local shoe store. The original Crocs Beach model is full of ventilation holes, and they’ve spawned several other variations like the Cayman and Metro since then.

More walk, Less talk.

These CROCS are made for walking, and that’s what I’m gonna do. There’s almost a cult-like following for these things, and after trying on a pair, I must admit that I’m pretty smitten with them as well. I’m actually starting to think that they even look okay. I’m tempted to get a pair just for the house and wear them like slippers, and another pair for going to the pool, beach or just hanging around.

They come in all kinds of wacky colors, and I’m thinking it would be pretty amusing to wear a different color on each foot. Well maybe not. Depends on how nutty I’m feeling. But these things are really, really comfortable. You should give them a try. Just close your eyes until you’ve got your feet in ’em.

Happy Croc-ing 🙂

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  • Eric Olsen

    super cool, hadn’t heard of them – thanks and welcome!

  • OMIGOD! The Earth Shoe is back! I guess it shows the truth of the refrain: “Everything old is new again…”

  • BTW, I have a pair of Birkie clogs I bought in Germany two decades ago, that look almost identical to your Crocs.

  • Shoes shaped like feet. How shocking!

  • While I agree that they do look like the the old/new/variation of clogs, they’re really a completely different feeling on your feet. They only weigh 6oz and are incredibly pillow-ly soft all over and especially under foot, unlike the birkenstocks and clogs which I never found particularly comfortable. They really do make you feel like you’re walking on marshmallows. And if you have duck feet like me, they’re plenty wide for even the widest foot. And since they were originally designed for boating or the beach, unlike clogs, you can wear them on the boat, as they’re pretty sticky.

  • HW Saxton

    Those are some seriously ugly kicks!

  • Only if you think the human foot is ugly.

  • HW Saxton

    Well, Come to think of it there are more
    attractive parts of the human physique.

    I still think those are definitely not MY idea of stylish footwear. In fact I think that they are even uglier than homemade sin. To each his own…

  • Actually, I don’t think feet are ugly, though there are some pretty, uh, unique looking body parts out there. The human body really is a remarkable piece of art, but it’s what we cover it up with that gives one pause. I agree that the Crocs are fugly, but, man-o-man I like how they feel.

    You say ugly, I say unique, let’s all put on comfy shoes and have some happy feet 😉

    (and no, I don’t own the company, though I sure wish I did…)

  • seriously… TRY THEM ON, wear them around and you will see very quickly how comfortable they are! I wear them everywhere and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I have 3 pair and want more colors!
    They ARE ugly but seriously, they are soooo comfy… the longer you wear them, the more comfy they get….. nothing compares to these shoes when it comes to comfort! I promise! Go read their website, there is a lot of info there. DO NOT but the cheap knock-offs… they are HORRIBLE!

  • alyssa

    I love crocs there comfortable!!!!!

  • Roberto

    Crocs stink they hurt my feet and they break very easy. I HOPE NOBODY BUYS THEM. OR YOU ARE WAISTING YOUR MONEY!

  • laurennnn

    oh my gosh i LOOOOVE crocs!!
    i got some about a week ago and i am completely addicted to them. at first i thought they were the ugliest shoe made on EARTH…but then they became the latest fad and i decided to test them out…sooo i went to dick’s sporting goods and walked around in them. they are like heaven! this author is right-you get over the ugliness once you start wearing them. if you dont have crocs now get some soon. there PERFECT for rainy weather, creeks, streams, mud, dirt, beach, ANYTHING. GET SOME NOW! (=

  • MJ