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Hook-ups at Work

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I work at a job that has a good mixture of men and women of all ages. In the restaurant business it doesn’t take long for people to start hooking up and having relationships.

I have discovered that workplace relationships can work out, and that hooking up is common. There is a lot more that goes on in restaurants than just serving food. Where I work I have observed a lot of hook-ups and relationships that have come and gone.

You hear about what happens between two people and then you see them at work acting like nothing happened. Even managers know what happens. It’s hard to keep secrets like that no matter how close you are with people. Eventually it’s going to air out.

I remember a situation where I had hooked up with a girl from work. Only five people knew about it, as far as I knew, but after a week I had random employees asking me what happened. So stuff like this travels pretty fast. But people don’t think of you differently. As fast as news travels, people forget just as quickly.

Observing past and present hook-ups and relationships among employees, I understand how things like this happen. It’s because restaurants are always hiring. Restaurants have a high turnover rate; people come and go, attractive people get hired and sparks start flying between them.

Not all are just hook-ups. I’ve see plenty of work relationships that continue to go strong. As of right now there are at least five healthy relationships and new ones blossoming at my job.

I’ve had my share. I actually found love and got my heart broken all at the same job. After working at a job for so long, you start to hang out with the people you work with all the time. You start getting to know them and then things start to happen. Sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. In my opinion a healthy relationship is not spending every moment together. I know plenty of couples that live together and also try to work the same shifts together. Those are the ones always arguing and fighting, eventually breaking up.

A few years ago two of my co-worker friends got together. The relationship started off fine but when you spend every day together, things sometimes don’t work out. Eventually they got their own place together, but later broke up. Now I’m not saying that every work relationship happens that way, but in my observation, spending all your time together both at home and at work is a set-up for disaster.

To sum up: work hook-ups aren’t that bad, and work relationships can be successful. I will say this; working in this business has opened my eyes in more ways than one.

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