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Hoodoo is an American folk magic tradition. Hoodoo is not a religion but a tradition of magical folk customs. The most popular hoodoo charm is a mojo.  Hoodoo is usually associated with African American culture. It’s believed that slaves carried their superstitions to the Americas and combined them with Christianity, European superstitions, and Indian medicine and folklore. Whites practiced hoodoo, too, but often called it conjure, medicine, pow wow, doctoring, or witching.

Hoodoo is still very much alive. It’s practiced in rural Southern communities, and the Appalachia’s very much unchanged. Nearly every large city has a botanicals or curio shop to cater to hoodoo practitioners.

    I conjure thee, sword, sabre or knife, that mightest injure or harm me, by the priest of all prayers, who had gone into the temple at Jerusalem, and said: An edged sword shall pierce your soul that you may not injure me, who am a child of god.
    — John George Hoffman in Pow-Wows, published in 1820.
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