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Honky – Live at The Distillery

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Friday night I walked over to The Distillery to see the Texas band, Honky. Honky is a rock trio that is led by bassist Jeff Pinkus (or as a local paper identified him, as “JD Pinkett” (isn’t that Will Smith’s wife?)), formerly of Butthole Surfers. The band also includes Bobby Landgraf on guitar and drummer Kenny Wagner.

Honky doesn’t sound anything like Butthole Surfers, which Pinkus left a year before the release of their radio hit, “Pepper”. In fact, describing how a band sounds is hard. Usually, you just have to compare them to somebody else. Honky has a shot of ZZ Top and a splash of Van Halen mixed into their music, but that really won’t give you a feel for how they sound live.

Rock music should be loud, the way god intended. It should make you thirsty for whisky. It should make your body jerk uncontrollably in odd looking spasms. It should make you get hard or wet, depending on your plumbing. It should make your ears buzz so that you can’t hold a conversation without yelling for a few hours after the show. You should be smiling without even knowing it.

That’s what Honky did to me. That’s rock.

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