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Honeymoon Suite – Dreamland

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Honeymoon Suite

Most famous for their first hit ‘New Girl Now’, HS were one of those 80s bands who were there at the beginning of MTV. The band are back with a pretty good collection of hard rock ala Glass Tiger et al. While not as accessable as their debut, there are moments on here that remind me of their first outing. On ‘Still Lovin’ You’ Dee (vocals) sounds just like Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, giving the power ballad extra omph. The final track, a ballad called ‘Even Now’, is a great way to end the CD. Along the way we are treated to the song ‘Lagavulin’, which is as smooth as the whisky it’s named after. ‘Undone’ is another good one; the title track deserves mention as well. Overall, a nice little CD of decent hard rock. If you get a chance, go see them live.

Marty Dodge: 7



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