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Homolka Holds Canada Hostage

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Upon Karla Homolka’s release from federal prison in Joliette Prison for Women in Quebec which will take place early next week. She now says she will not stay in the province of Quebec (but has been not totally made up her mind as of yet). Rumour has it that she was even offered a Montreal apartment rent free among other goodies.

Karla Homolka and then husband Paul Bernardo, are responsible for the sex slayings of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French in 1993 and she also had a hand in her sister’s death years earlier. She served 12 years after pleading guilty to two counts of manslaughter while her ex husband is serving life imprisonment (by law, all federal offenders must be released at the two-third mark of their sentence unless it can be proved that they will kill or seriously harm and individual again). Homolka got this light sentence for agreeing to roll over on her husband.

In the works are safe guard items for the general public, for instance that she in monitored and extraordinary conditions are imposed on her in time for her release date, July 4, 2005.

But until these safeguards are in place and until she decides where she is going to reside, whether it be still in Quebec or back to her native Ontario, everyone is still a little bit edgy and possibly we have good reason to be.

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  • Tracey

    OK. the fact that karla feels she is entitled to any sort of “protection” or “security” after she is released from prison makes me so angry. Her VICTIMS didn’t have any sort of protection or security from HER did they?? The fact that she feels she has the right to ask for any sort of special treatment makes me sick to my stomach. I hope she gets everything thats coming to her.

  • Jb

    I used to think that the US’s criminal justice system was messed up. Considering Canada’s deal with the devil, we’re pretty lucky. And so are Paul and Karla, who both would’ve been executed had they committed these atrocities in the states.

  • Roberta Ludke

    It makes me sick the stuff she wants. She’s afraid, so what?? Why didn’t she think of that before?? I think the public should have access to recent photos and where she lives. In fact, I think she should be hounded till the day she dies. If someone does kill her, the only tears shed will be tears of joy!!

  • Justice

    I think Karla deserves a chance to show the Canadian public that she is rehabilitated. She has done her time to the max and now she must be given this chance to resume her life. What happened in the past stays in the past.

  • Diane

    Rehabilitated : What about the young school girls she murdered . She is a danger to all Canadains and I would not want the likes of a DEVIL liveing anywhere near me or my family . She has no rights now , she deserves nothing , I only hope she gets what’s comeing to her .