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Homeless? Or less Paul?

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Psst. Hey. Wanna buy a Les Paul gold top and a Marshall amp?

I’ve really gone and done it this time. Not being the smartest guy in the world, I decided to keep blogging and trying to find writing work rather than doing the sensible thing, which has to do with shuffling around Wal-Mart, stocking shelves. And now my day of reckoning is come.

Phooey. Now that I expended the IRAs, there’s nothing left but the remnants of a more glorious past.

So it’s sell sell sell. It’s going to be sad to lose the house, even sadder when I look at what people want for rent. Sadder still when I realize I’m only worth minimum wage without benefits.

Did you know it’s against the law to discriminate on the basis of age? You’d never know it, but it is.

Whine whine whine spodiodi.

Sometimes I tell myself there was nothing I could do to prevent this, but I know it’s a lie. Hubris, and my love of writing, got me here. I’m spoiled from 25 years as a freelance writer.

I did work for nine months as a limo driver and it was the single most egregious waste of time I’ve ever spent. The money I made barely filled the tank. Economies based on trading dollars back and forth don’t work unless the dollars accumulate somehow.

So! Do you play guitar? Want a really ripping guitar? Les Paul 1971 gold top with humbucking pickups and a Marshall amp? Go together like peanut butter and jelly.

It goes on eBay as soon as I figure out… eBay.

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