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Homeland Security Insists System Working Even As 11 Egyptian Students Vanish

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Recently Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institution reported to Congress that the Homeland Security Agency “…appears to be functioning quite well in helping track those foreigners in the United States on student visas.”

Meanwhile, The University of Montana arranged for the exchange of 20 Egyptian students. Of them, three were denied entry for "unspecified reasons" and the other 17 were given F1 student visas, and allowed to travel here from Mansoura University in Alexandria, Egypt. Of those that arrived nearly two weeks ago at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport on July 29th, 11 seem to have vanished without a trace. The University reports that only one arrived July 29th, one on the 30th, and four more on July 31st.

The students in question weren’t even reported as missing by the University until August 3rd, and the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) didn’t issue an alert for them until August 5th!

This is not a comforting set of circumstances weeks before the 5-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, expecially since the remaining 11 Egyptians are all described as male between the ages of 18 and 22. The missing students have yet to report their whereabouts and law enforcement agencies at all levels are at a loss to locate them. All 17 were in this country to participate in month-long program designed to teach English as a Second Language and also to attend several other classes regarding American Culture. Later they were to tour Yellowstone National Park.

The FBI and ICE have coordinated a nationwide “Be On the Lookout” search with other federal and local law enforcement agencies, but as yet have no idea where these men are, though they insist that the missing men are not a threat.

Homeland Security is not making me feel too secure right now, even if this does turn out to be a false alarm.

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  • Well, they’ve found all 11-they stated they never intended to go to Montana, but to settle here instead and find jobs.

    Frightening how easy it is to get into this country and vanish well enough for it to take weeks for them to be found.

    I feel much safer knowing our Homeland Security is doing such a fine job.

    don’t you?????

  • Dave Nalle, while looking to update this story I discovered that you’ve done it for me so I’ll link mine to yours and say to my readers, go to Dave Nalle’s good article for the latest news.


  • I don’t really have anything to say… I’m just bored, nothing to do, listless. Where have I heard that?

    I hope I’m not sued for plagarism!

  • Bush’s long pauses, the “uh…uh….uh…” the stammering, are really starting to scare me. When he starts quoting the Bible and calling them “evildoers” again, (and he will) I’m gonna go hide under the bed.

  • By the way Dave, no one noticed them missing until the University reported it 10 days after they were due.

  • As for the antidepressants, they are at a level now where I have to be tested to be sure there’s no liver damage.

    The only thing that’ll stop this is the end of the repeated disasters that plague me constantly.

  • Wrong Nancy, of the 17 students only 11 were missing, 6 ahve been apprehended and 5 are still missing.

  • Well thank goodness for Scotland Yard and Pakistani Intelligence Dave, homeland Security seems to have been out of the loop except as an observer.

  • Nancy

    Have you asked your dr. about changing or tweaking your antidepressant?

    Back to the subject: I suppose, but last I heard this morning, it was 21 students who were missing, and only 3 had been found. The rest have gone to cover.

    Why do we even admit these people in the first place?

  • One could argue that something is working right because we know the students are missing, while in a prior era we wouldn’t have noticed them missing until they had blown something up.


  • Again…Theory-What if our missing Egyptian “students” were test mules to see if the chemicles could successfully go through security before the actual plan was carried out?

  • I thought I was getting some color sense back in my left eye, but it vanishes again when I close my right eye. Headaches aren’t as bad but still persist.

    The depression has me sleeping maybe 16 out of 24 hours a day in cat naps and exhausted the rest of the time.

    I’ve got 3 days to put in 15 work applications and can’t seem to leave the house.

    It sucks being me today

  • Nancy

    Speaking of primal scream therapy, Jet – how are you feeling today? Eye(s) any better, I hope?

  • Theory-What if our missing Egyptian “students” were test mules to see if the chemicles oculd successfully go through security before the actual plan was carried out?

  • I bet Halliburton built it for %45 million-plus labor and materials.

  • Nancy

    Have you ever seen a picture of that place? The one I saw, it looked like a bomb shelter.

  • Not the De-vider? He must be alergic to something at the whitehouse, have you notice the number of vacations he takes and world trips? It’d be interesting to see how many days he’s spent there vs how many he hasn’t.

    Maybe Laura should take a clue from Monica and start giving him blowjobs under his desk to keep him home more often.

    Then again he’s got all those taxpayer dollars to fix up his spread down thar in Texas don’t he?

  • Well, He is

    ‘The Decider’!

  • Peter J 14-It’s from the same man who introduced “evildoers” into our vocabulary-Duh?

  • Peter J13-Good points all. What to you espcect from a man that can’t properly pronounce the word nuclear, and stammers embarrassingly like a re-tard through each and every press conference?

  • Just one last thing,

    What the fuck manner of speach is “they hate our freedom”?

    Is that like ‘they hate our cooking’? Or maybe
    ‘they hate our justice for all’!

    Does it ever occur to him is that they ‘hate our president’?

  • Apparently a major catastrophe was supposedly averted today when someone suddenly realized that explosives in the form of liquid or gel could be brought on a plane and combined with otherwise inert objects or materials to create a bomb.
    Well, DUH!

    The information allowed officials to prevent(?)a catastrophe, cowboy W saves the day!
    I wonder when it will occur to the B that, even though they will disallow ‘carry on’ luggage a person or several people could just shove it up their asses.

    What I am waiting to hear is how this information was brought to light. So far it seems it’s a lot of supposition and claims.
    They discovered the plot but won’t say how or when, have made arrests but won’t say who,, all Bush has to say is “this is a stark reminder that our nation is at war with people who ‘hate’ our freedom!
    Who the fuck hatched this guy? Is anybody really still buying this bullshit? That scares me a lot more than terrorists!
    Terrorists have to strike, Bush is a dictator in control.

  • So, where has Homeland Security gotten us
    Hey! Don’t be so damned unpatriotic-HOW DARE YOU PUT BUSH DOWN. Homeland security has accomplished a lot.
    1. A bunch of unqualified Bush cronies (like Brown)have been employed at outrageous salaries so unemployment is down.
    2. We have a pretty color coding of security status so that no one knows what kind of alert we’re really at, and it gives late night comedians something to joke about.
    3. Bush can point proudly at it and say, “See, I did something about 9/11!
    4. A huge layer of inneffective government beauracracy has been added to confuse our enemies
    5. Halliburton is making a fortune supplying it.
    6. Not a single Forest Stranger has crossed the Canadian border since Bush took office.

    I just have to ask; are we using this system or is the system using us?
    The majority of all americans voted for Bush by simply not bothering to go to the polls and spending a few minutes. They/we got what they deserved by Bush getting elected…

    The housing market is going soft and property values are going back down. This has the effect of people defaulting on loans and going back to renting, so the rich landlords get richer as the middle and lower class make their house payments for them.

    The price of gasoline increased $2 a gallon and about $45 a barrel since Bush took office Bush’s Oil cronies are laughing all the way to the bank.

    The Stock Market has gone through the ceiling Bush’s rich get richer, while raping pension funds by back dating stock benefits for already rich executives.

    Interest rates have increased 17 times Big business makes tons of money, credit cards make tons of money, Regular people default on loans so the banks make money reselling defaulted property.

    Need I say more?

    Republican rich, you gotta love ’em

    Wow! Peter J. Thanks for the thoughtful response.

    Much appreciated

  • Jet, I don’t understand the problem here, I feel perfectly safe sitting here in my den. I think Homeland security is doing a marvelous job.
    If everyone would just behave responsibly as I do there would be no terrorist threat at all. I manage just fine doing all of my shopping on-line and there’s plenty to do, what with t.v.,books, and computer.
    Of course, I would never do anything so silly as to fly anywhere!

    Of course this is bullshit, but it’s equally bullshit to believe that Homeland Security has done or can do anything more to protect you than before 9-11.

    Already in this country are millions of middle-east transplants who have been here for years and would appear to be beyond suspician. We meet these people every day, driving cabs, working food marts , what have you. Sometimes they’re around for a while, sometime they move on. Almost always they are very pleasant people to whom you would not give second thought, others you could envision wrapping a bomb.

    So, where has Homeland Security gotten us except a false sense of security, the loss of some of our own liberties, and casting suspicion on an entire race of people who have lived here as citizens, many since birth, not to mention giving the government a fear tactic to distract us when it’s convenient for them.

    Now we have a display of attentiveness because 11 Egyptian students have vanished just as we are put on red alert due to a threat on airliners from London to the states.
    Are we to believe that every single middle-eastener traveling here since 2001 has been accounted for from day one? I don’t, nor do I believe in the tooth fairy.
    This administration is un-fuckin-believable!

    One thing that I do believe with all of my heart is that there is, right now, in this country, a weapon or the components of a weapon of mass destruction, waiting to be introduced and used when ready.
    Not to believe this is folly.
    We will be attacked on the day that has been decided, not one day sooner or later, Homeland Security or none!

    I just have to ask; are we using this system or is the system using us?

  • I think one of my favorite brags of the Bush administrations is that there hasn’t been a terrorist attack on the US since 911.

    …sort of like when George Gobel bragged to Johnny Carson that when he was in the army reserve in Texas during WWII not a single Jap fighter plane got east of El Paso the whole time he served!

    Carus deus, quis have ego commissio?

  • Nancy, for someone who kept promising less government, he built one of the biggest most expensive, and UNNECESSARY departments of all time didn’t he?

  • Nancy

    Homeland Insecurity under BushCo at its best. With anyone else, after all the humiliations that HS has produced, any normal mentality would have shot & dismantled it in disgust long ago, but not our Dubya, nope…Heckuva job, H. S.

  • Glen Beck on CNN did a story on why we had to find these guys before Aug 22 but I missed it due to a phone call, did anyone see it?

  • UPDATE-As of 4PM 3 are in custody and 8 are still missing. After two weeks-now they’re looking???

  • Yes yes I know how to spell despite…

  • Phillip, despeite whether it’s working well or perfectly, it shows that people from that region can still just wander in on student visas and dissappear.

    The fact also remains that these guys were supposed to be kept track of and weren’t…

    Tantum meus sententia

  • Late breaking developement-One student was just picked up in Minnesota… maybe he was lost?

  • I’m not sure that “working well” means the same thing as “working perfectly,” but that quibble doesn’t mean much compared to the reality of eleven missing men.