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Home is ‘Hidden Secret’ or ‘Virtual Amusement Park’ of Pinellas Park

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Here’s a snippet from the article in today’s St. Petersburg Times:

PINELLAS PARK – Bill Spencer lives in his dream home. Literally.

Spencer, 58, has seen everything in his and wife Miriam’s abode in his sleep first. He just happens to dream in themes.

“Every spot in this house, I’ve literally dreamt or thought of,” said the co-owner of Spencer’s Western World, a local western apparel store. “I can’t do anything if I haven’t dreamt it.”

With 22 rooms and a circular driveway, the roughly 6,000-square-foot home may seem like the average sprawling Florida home. Think again.

Consider the cherry red restored 1955 Chevy Bel Air that anchors the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy room, a tribute to the ’50s in everything from a working traffic light to the life-sized Blues Brothers replica.

Then there’s the arcade room and the lion’s den, where taxidermied relatives of Simba perch on a ledge overlooking the living room.

The 40-seat theater room, which takes up the entire second floor, boasts a projection screen and a collection of country-western music memorabilia rivaling that of a museum.

And the ’70s conception kitchen. And the indoor waterfall. And the 80-foot cave linking the house to its newest and largest treasure: the Jungle Book back yard.

There, live peacocks roam the grounds protected by a 14-foot gorilla piloting a three-quarter-scale biwing airplane. A Hollywood sign adorns the roof. There are no real snakes in the swimming pool or the 8,000-gallon koi pond, but a 40-foot-long foam one winds from the trees around the outer fence.

“We consider it the hidden secret of Pinellas Park,” Spencer said.

Click here to read the entire article by Jade Jackson Lloyd and find out more about this amazingly unique home in Pinellas Park, Fla.

Kudos to the Spencers for creating such a wonderfully unique home that will likely benefit our area for years to come.

-John Mudd
“Mr. Real Estate”

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