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Hollywood Gone Wrong: John Piccin’s Famous Cars

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Ever wondered what would happen if Marty McFly and the Doc's time traveling calculations were off, even by just a fraction? What would happen if the DeLorean arrived somewhere it probably shouldn't? Or what would happen if the Dukes didn't quite make one of their famous landings? Or what would happen if Starsky and Hutch's luck in high speed, densely populated car chases finally ran out (seriously, who hasn't wondered these things)? Well, wonder no more, as you can now see the results of those thoughts.

Artist John Piccin has used photo manipulation techniques — very accomplished photo manipulation techniques — on authentic images of cars to create high-resolution film-quality images that depict a series of 'what ifs' regarding some of cinema's most famous cars.

The quality of the images is ridiculously good, looking quite realistic while presenting quite a confrontational picture, especially the DeLorean picture as there is what looks like either blood or some sort of fluid from the car on the road. Meanwhile the Dukes of Hazzard car is engulfed in flames.


Piccin's work seems to emphasize what the real life implications would be with his successful creation of these images. The only fault I can find is in the DeLorean image. The fire that has come off the tires doesn't look quite real while you can see what were probably the original skid marks on the road, coming from a different angle to the DeLorean. That's being really nitpicky though and after staring at the images for quite sometime.

While it may cheapen the artistic merit of the images, it would be really interesting to see images like this that depict famous cars notorious for high speed exploits used in anti-speeding advertisements. Showing drivers, particularly youths, something they've seen before may have an effect on them.

Then again I don't really know anything about marketing or the psychology of someone who speeds at dangerous levels. All I know is these are some seriously cool images of some of cinema's most famous cars and I'd definitely be up for seeing some more like Steve McQueen's Mustang in Bullitt or K.I.T.T from Knight Rider.

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  • Jed Raye

    With the advancement of digital tec, will we still have a need for stuntmen, or even film crews, maybe movie making will now be done completely on a powerful pc. Wow Just think digital movie stars !! what next ?

  • Cars

    The car photos look pretty cool. I’d really like to see the Batmobile in the mix, maybe the A-Team van too. For the Batmobile maybe the cave door failed to open properly..