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Holiday Gift Guide: Hasbro Stocking Stuffers for Boys

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This year, shopping for my three-year-old son has been a snap. Hasbro has three collections of action figures to choose from that can keep little boys happy for many months to come.

Spider-Man can take on Green Goblin and Venom, whether by sea, with Dive Attack Spider-Man; in the sky with Sky-Speed Spider-Man; or at night with Night Mission Spider-Man. My son loves to act out adventures with good guys against the bad guys, so I appreciate the low cost of these action figures.

If robots that transform into vehicles and vice versa are more likely to interest your boy, Transformers Power Core Combiners have a new assortment of figures that connect with each other in dozens of variations to create even larger Combiner robots. Each figure can form the body part or weapon of a larger robot. These robots come in two- and five-packs. My son is still a little young for these but I know the day is coming when I’ll be tripping over piles of robots.

It is hard for me to know who is more interested in the new Star Wars Action Figures, my husband or my son. Everybody’s favorite figures from Episodes 1-6, as well as from the Clone Wars series are available in this series.  Although these figures are fully functioning on their own, they can also be used in a game: each figure comes with a card that lists the character’s unique battle attributes. Roll the die and see who wins as two figures face off in a galactic battle. My son is still too young to make use of this part of his action figure, but I look forward to adding this dimension to his play when he gets older.

Never have I filled my son’s stocking and his place under the tree with such ease and with such confidence, knowing that he will like what he unwraps this year!

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