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The Rock and Roll Hall of fame is suing to stop the Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame from coming online. A R&RHOF lawyer said,

I don’t think people would know the difference (between the two). We have a lot of Jewish rock and rollers in the Hall of Fame. … It’s like saying the Jewish Oscars or the Jewish Football Hall of Fame.

Well, there’s a Canadian Football Hall of Fame and the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. No one confuses them with the institution in Canton, OH.

“Rock Museum Sues to Stop Jewish Rock Web Site”

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  • As a major rock guy, this is rather interesting to me. I don’t think there is need for a jewish rock hall. Not because I am anti-semite, but it just seems silly. I mean, why don’t we have a brunettes hall of fame, and then maybe a tall person’s rock hall of fame.

    Point being, it’s seems divisive. I feel we need to work harder to be more inclusive in society and music. Rock is already too white. So do we need to subdivide out the white folks? how about a European male rock hall, then a anglo American rock hall…

    anyhow, I made my point. Oh, and Zimmerman kid from Minnesota is GOD and revolutionized all music. What their should be is a Hall of Bob.

  • A Jewish Rock HOF seems silly to me, but the R&RHOF suing them is just ridiculous.