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Hitchhiker’s Guide to Opening Weekend

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As I am sure anyone that has ever been a bit dorky is aware this is opening weekend (3133 screens) for Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. And if you didn’t, you aren’t a cool enough dork.

Based on Douglas Adams’ novel of the same name, Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy is quite the sci-fi comedy. And for those not familiar with the book, the BBC2 TV show, the various video games or other offshoots- this is the perfect opportunity to become acquainted. It is about the guide that helps two unassuming hitchhikers and their new friends restore normalcy to their worlds.

The opening sequence is hilarious and I was pleased beyond words. Whoever says there is no room for musical numbers within a sci-fi flick are out of their minds!

Martin Freeman plays quite a good dorky Arthur Dent to take us on our journey of the galaxy. Mos Def is a perfect Ford Prefect. And ladies- he is pretty sexy too. Sam Rockwell could steal the show as Zephod Beeblebrox, the president of the universe. Zooey Deschanel is the cute Trillian (Tricia McMillan). And Alan Rickman is the voice of Marvin, the manic depressive robot. With a cast full of unknowns and speckled with some bigger names- you know you are in for a treat.

I saw the midnight screening Thursday night and the theater was full of folks dressed up and showing off their dorky vibes. The theater was packed and there was much laughter throughout the film. There was even a standing ovation at the end. But then, we also opened the flim with the entire theater toasting “To Business” with their Pan Galactic Garble Blasters.

The costumes were great, the sets superb, and I only have one complaint. The Babel Fish is so cute I wanted to see more of it. Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy is a mix of science fiction, comendy, philosophy and adventure. This visually magnificent, action packed film captures the whimsical fun of the novel. Some critics are worried those not familiar with the book will be lost in the glory. I disagree and think they will enjoy the humor even if they don’t already know the punchlines. That is, if they are fans of British humor.

I definately recommend people to embrace their dorkiness and see this film. I cannot wait to see it again.

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  • Pan Galactic GarGle Blaster
    not Garble

    I think Marvin is merely depressed not manic depressive.


    Marvin is properly known as the Paranoid Android.

  • -E

    Well in the film he is called manic depressive by Dent which is where I came up with that. And sorry for the typo my finger must have slipped. Thanks for catching that.

    The point being, the film is great. It is one that anyone can enjoy-even if they aren’t familiar with the source material. I think it is the hardcore fans of the novel that aren’t aware that every rendition of it is different from the others that will be disappointed if anyone is.


    I am glad to hear it, I was worried that the film would be terribly unwatchable.

  • -E

    Well, if you want it to follow the novel, then you will meet some disappointment. And a lot of the sarcasm and philosphy is removed. But I think it is still completely enjoyable

  • Character driven, fantastic remake. The thing that anyone who would go into seeing any version of HHGTTG even skeptical or jaded is proof they’re worried way too the fuck much about themselves. Douglas wanted this story told as many times in as many ways

    …and this latest from Hammer and Tongs is downright beautiful. The cast hams up this story by being these characters in a whole new way. Riddled with testaments to too many other franchises before it. The name of the game is Don’t Tell it, Show It and it’s still packed with some of the best lines. The true test is that every minute of it is wicked wicked funny because of some neat innovations and fantastic acting.

    GO SEE IT! It’s hysterical and well played, well made. Go go go.

  • -E

    Xupz- I think you liked the movie, no? 🙂