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Hit the Road Running?

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Hey Elsa!

grand crossMy boyfriend and I have dated on and off for the past 9 months. We’ve been very comfy and I was, for the first time, completely ready for nesting and maybe someday, babies. The sex is great, the energy calm, but he seems so skittish about the future. He finally told me he can’t stay committed to me because he says there’s “something missing.” He’s said this about EVERY relationship. Is there any hope for him coming around or should I just hit the road running?

Grand Cross in My Chart

Dear Grand Cross,

You should probably hit the road running if you’ve discovered you want to nest and have children, because he’s told you he doesn’t. But what bothers me more is this guy’s attitude – “something is missing”. It suggests something is missing with you and though I appreciate he’s always has this problem and apparently has copped to same…well he must like it that way. He must like running through women because, otherwise, he’d be trying to fix this. He’d want to figure it out.

But it sounds like what he’s figured out is that he likes to be non-committed and this is his story. “Something is missing,” he tells the women. Well, fuck. This guarantees the woman will walk at some point, don’t you think? So I think this is what he wants. And ultimately, what he’s going to get.


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