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History is being (re)written in California today.

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I taped Arnold clearly admitting to at least some of the assaults claimed
by a number of women in an interview with Tom Brokaw. This is what’s on the

Tom Brokaw: So you deny all those stories about grabbing.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: No, not all.

"No, not all." That’s a clear admission of at least some
grabbing. But in the spirit of Winston Smith, that answer is different in
the online transcript:


Tom Brokaw: So you deny all those stories about grabbing.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Not at all.
(Note that the video clip on this MSNBC page contradicts the transcript)

And even the paper that broke the story of the assaults has it wrong (since
he admitted to them, I don’t have to say "alleged," do I? If I do, take it as
said – they were alleged.):

TIMES 1/6/03

So you deny all those stories about grabbing?" Brokaw asked.
" Not at all," said Schwarzenegger …

The revisionist "Not at all" is
more an avoidance of the question, rather than the clear admission of guilt
that actually transpired.

Whatever your take on this, if you live in California, get out and vote. And try to vote your conscience rather than along party lines.

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  • I hereby give up the use of the word “alleged” when it comes to Schwarzenegger and groping. He knows and admits he did offensive things (even if he only “apologized” for the sake of politics). “Alleged,” therefore, is an unnecessary modifier inthis case.

  • Thomas

    Arnold’s deplorable conduct is not just limited to women. Check out this story recounted by the LA Times a week ago:

    Back in those early years, Schwarzenegger could take over a room with his heft and humor, his former gym partners say. But often he could be mean-spirited. According to several of those workout partners, Schwarzenegger played a particularly cruel joke on his now-deceased bodybuilding friend Don Peters.

    At the time, Schwarzenegger was single and made no secret of his attraction to Peters’ girlfriend, a beauty contest winner. One day after a fight with Peters, the girlfriend went home with Schwarzenegger. That night, Schwarzenegger told her he needed a favor. Would she mind calling his lawyer to reschedule an appointment? Schwarzenegger dialed the number, but it wasn’t to the lawyer’s house, according to several bodybuilders familiar with the incident. Instead, he had phoned Peters.

    It took only a moment for the ruse to become clear. As Peters and his girlfriend discovered each other’s voices, Schwarzenegger shouted into the phone. “I just [made love to] her. I just [made love to] her,” recalled Gene Mozee, a bodybuilder and muscle magazine editor who was friends with both men.

    “Peters drove over and banged on Arnold’s door, but he wouldn’t answer,” Mozee said. “All he heard was Arnold laughing.”