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Hired Drum Grohl plays with Garbage

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Garbage’s Shirley Mansun has been writing on the band’s website about a
certain guest drummer who has taken part in the recording of the band’s next
album in LA.

She writes: “Dave Grohl (or Mr Fantastic as our producer has taken to calling him) came by the studio today (Jan 6) and hammered some drums down on ‘Bad Boyfriend’ and the result is fucking awe-inspiring!!!!! OOoohhh….I am finally having so much fun making this record. It feels like how you imagine making records would be. Exciting and creative and joyous. And we’ve just made so much progress in a week that I can actually imagine we might finish this damned thing after all!!!!”

The as-yet-untitled new Garbage album is unlikely to get released until early next year – and is apparently much darker than the band’s recent releases.

Via: CMU

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  • They’re still around? Wow.

  • So is Grohl. He was all over Janet Jackson last week, getting some free publicity.