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Hinduism encompasses a broad range of Indic religious traditions that have evolved over the past several thousand years. While its roots are deep in the Vedic age, subsequent philosophical development and amalgamation with yogic and tantric traditions has brought it to be much more than an ancient sacrificial religion.

Some aspects of Hindu thought, such as karma and reincarnation, have practically become household concepts. Contemporary discussion on Hinduism features a wide range of topics both positive and negative, ranging from nationalistic fundamentalism to spiritual masters, friction with competing religions to sexual yoga, devotion to diverse gods and beyond.

The bulk of Hinduism's broader modern public appeal spans from ancient methods for self-improvement, such as the ever-popular hatha-yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, and various methods of meditation and introspection promoted by modern Hindu movements. Its accommodating nature has also given rise to a great deal of interfaith dialogue.

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