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Hilton to star in second show

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Oh, to be vapid, rich and loose. That seems to be the ticket to success. Just ask Paris Hilton. The Herald-Sun has the latest.

Who said porn was a career killer? The suddenly everywhere Paris Hilton is about to become even more omnipresent, reports The New York Post.

Fox is so happy with the runaway success of Hilton’s riches-to-rags reality TV show The Simple Life, it’s now in talks with her to star in another reality show. Word is Hilton – who became the talk of the town after a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend surfaced – could get up to $US3 million for her next TV foray, but that her comedic costar Nicole Richie is not included.

A family friend said: “The negotiations have just started. Fox always had a first-look option with Paris for another show and they are picking it up.”

Meanwhile, The Simple Life is so popular (13 million people tuned in), Fox scrounged up some outtakes and has put together a sixth “bonus” episode to air Dec. 17.

Who deserves the blame? As a former liberal, I’m supposed to bash a crass and greedy media. I do. But, this sure looks like a kind of comparative negligence to me. The media may serve up the superficial silliness of a show like The Simple Life, but millions of people choose to indulge. But for the lack of judgment, and taste, of those viewers, media creations such as Paris Hilton could not exist. Yes, a former liberal can be a current realist.

Note: This entry is an excerpt from an entertainment news column at Mac-a-ro-nies.

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