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Hillary’s Last Swing

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Barack Obama's historical achievement was no doubt the biggest news story of the week. However Hillary Clinton did not fade away into the night as many had hoped. Instead she took one final swing at Obama and it seems to have connected. This is her way of showing that she is a force to reckon with and her core base won't just roll over and support Obama. Her surrogates aren't even being subtle in pushing for her to be on the ticket.

The Clinton supporters have alleged everything from media bias to sexism to reverse racism in explaining her defeat. They are mad at the media, the DNC and especially Obama. Many have even threatened to support McCain. Her base, especially low income whites and women are wary of Obama and will need convincing if Obama wants their vote. Hillary secretly enjoys this but has to come across as a uniter ready to do anything to make sure Democrats win in November.

So what does Clinton do? She all but says that she wants to be on the ticket. The VP buzz is almost as big a story as Obama's nomination. This puts Obama in an awkward situation similar to when she invited him to be her VP earlier this year. The difference is that this time he has to decide. This is for real and Obama cannot get away by ignoring the question or laughing it off. Hillary's logic is simple: put me on and you get my supporters, say no to me and you disappoint them once again. If Obama does say no to her, he again prevents a woman from getting where no woman has before (if the ticket wins). This will push her supporters off the edge and Obama will never bring them back before November.

Obama supporters secretly wish that the rumors about Clinton wanting a graceful exit are true. (She wants him to offer the VP spot so she can deny it and appear gracious). Somehow, knowing the Clintons' lust for power, that scenario is unlikely.

To be fair, Clinton is a brand name and gives the illusion of being experienced compared to the other names being floated around (Jim Webb, Kathleen Sebelius and Mark Warner). The only real competitor to Hillary seems to be Bill Richardson. Richardson isn't exactly a name brand but he is at least recognized outside his home state unlike the others mentioned above.

(Read Hillary's VP Smokescreen to see why Obama can't have her on the ticket.)

Why Republicans want the ticket

Republicans have always wanted to go against Clinton and this would give them the opportunity to do so. Obama will probably be overshadowed by the relentless attacks on the Clintons. Everything the Republicans need to attack Hillary and by extention Obama is in the Vanity Fair article by Todd Purdum. The article coupled with the suggestion put forth by Mitt Romney ('Do you want Bill running around the White House with nothing to do?') is enough material to last ages. Innuendo alone will be enough to turn people off this 'dream ticket'. Imagine an inexperienced, deep over his head, President Obama, a hostile, overly ambitious Vice President Hillary and playboy Bill with nothing to do sharing the same White House. Republicans can't have it better if they scripted it.

If Obama does pick Clinton he will show his naivety, inexperience and a vulnerability to being manipulated. Picture the same Obama in the White house being pushed around by hawkish generals or ultra liberal advisers. Imagine his meetings with Ahmadinejad or some other despot he has promised to meet. They will instantly see right through him and we will have a Cuban missile crisis redux except this time the missiles might just be launched.

Obama probably realizes the perils of putting Clinton on the ticket, but he feels he can pull it off. Odds are that Obama will pick Clinton because of over confidence and narcissism that have characterized his candidacy (another example of this over confident narcissism is a recent report about Obama's push into GOP strongholds). Obama probably thinks he can dictate Clinton's role in the White House and in return he gets her voters and donors. He figures that the Clintons will not dare undercut the darling of the Democrats and the media without repercussions. We all know how that is going to turn out.
This is going to be beautiful.

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  • Joh

    Out of curiosity, what is narcissistic about Obama’s belief that he can make states like Indiana–where he is currently tied in polls with McCain right now–competitive? Over-ambitiousness maybe, naivete perhaps, but narcissism?

  • pleasexcuetheinterruption

    Out of curiosity, what is narcissistic about Obama’s belief that he can make states like Indiana–where he is currently tied in polls with McCain right now–competitive? Over-ambitiousness maybe, naivete perhaps, but narcissism?

    I had the same question. The author is obviously incompetent. How does a report on his push into GOP strongholds say anything about his candidacy? Especially if it’s true… the GOP really needs to watch out in states like CO, NH, NM, WI, IA, VA, maybe even Indiana and Nevada.

    And Obama is not going to pick Clinton. This has been apparent to anyone informed on the situation for two years. I had some minor doubts for a couple days after her VP comment slip last week, but those were quickly resolved over the ensuing days. He will pick a white male. I thought Colin Powell would be an interesting choice, but it would never happen..

  • Condor

    Colon Powell? He’s done. Hopefully he’s enjoying golf or some other avocation. He deserves it.

    Rodham-Clinton as a VP, no. Rodham-Clinton as a cab member, not over yet. Klintoon (Bill) as a impediment to Rodham-Clinton, until his health (both mental and physical) completely abandons him, yes. What if a Clinton makes the Supreme Court? Whoa! Talk about an opportunity to filibuster.

    The Clinton machine smells funny to me. Sort of like Huey Long… there always seems to me to be a pallor of impropriety, wheeling and dealing… behind the scenes shenanigans… I don’t need that in a President or an administration and quite frankly, I’m insulted when the Chief Executive, who is elected to lead and represent this country, fails to do so or is negated by foolish behavior and a lack of common sense.

    With Clinton you get history, much of it unseemly. Are the citizens of this country really prepared or desirous of revisiting that era? Those were troubling years. And so were the Bush years. It’s time to move forward.

  • Dan Miller

    In addition to competency and decency, Colin Powell has one of the very most important qualifications for the presidency (and therefore for the vice presidency): he does not want the job.


  • Baronius

    Dan, I agree with your comments about Powell, except for the competency, decency, and not wanting the VP position.

  • Dan Miller


    Fair enough.


  • JTL

    Hillary’s problem is that no one has ever said no to her before. She has an artificially puffed up sense of herself, and the public has bought into The Grand Illusion. Really, she makes David Blaine look like a grade four with his first “Magic Tophat” set. What she needs is for someone to say NO to her once and for all. A good spanking wouldn’t hurt her, either. And I don’t mean the metaphorical one the electorate just gave her. If Bill was a real man, he would have put Hillary across his knee YEARS ago!