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Hillary Hits a Home Run, Right Where She Aims It

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Well, I watched Hillary's speech, as I'm sure most of those who show up here at BC Politics did as well, and it was a damn good one! She touched all the bases, even stomped on a few of them. It was the best speech she has ever given.

No doubt the McCain people and conservative pundits will go to great lengths to find cracks in it, but they will be hard pressed to do so.

Hillary graciously thanked her supporters and reflected on how great it was to have met people on the campaign trail who were ardently behind her. But then she hauled them up and stated flatly that they must get behind both the Democratic Party and its candidate, Barack Obama. There was no equivocation. No half-hearted or left-handed compliments. If her words were not genuinely felt, she hid it very well.

I, along with many others have felt that, since the end of the primary season, both she and hubby Bill have been less than enthusiastic in their support of Obama. Although in recent weeks Hillary has been out stumping for Obama and, according to some, has done so with apparent energy and sincerity. It will be incumbent, first upon Bill to deliver the goods Wednesday evening, then on both of them, to follow up in the coming days and weeks all the way through to November, maintaining highly visible and sincere efforts on behalf of the Democratic ticket. Anything less will tarnish both of them for years to come.

To me, it was understandable that the Clintons did not immediately jump on the Obama bandwagon, given the circumstances. Most of us will never know what went on behind the scenes during their protracted primary campaign against each other or how intense the rancor must have become. I doubt that the Obamas and the Clintons will ever be bosom buddies hanging out together at the mall, but the Clintons did definitely drag their feet far too long, to the detriment of Obama and the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, Hillary's performance Tuesday night went a long way toward mending many of the broken fences within the Party.

Hillary had some good lines bashing McCain – some that may be taken on as campaign mantras like "No way, no how, no McCain". Now, both Bill and Joe Biden must take the campaign against McCain to a much higher level on Wednesday evening.

The Republicans will spend virtually every waking hour of their convention bashing Obama and Biden. If Obama is to prevail all thoughts of avoiding negative campaigning must be tossed out the door, just as the McCain campaign has done since June. They must hit McCain hard and hit him often. Should Romney be McCain's choice as running mate, then every charge, every slight Romney made against McCain during their less than amicable primary battle must be brought out and brandished for all to see.

McCain should be brought to task for playing his POW card every time he can't think of anything else to say. The Democrats must remind voters of McCain's determination to reverse Roe v Wade and his desire to install conservative justices on the Supreme Court, as well as on the lower courts.

Anytime McCain's people, or McCain himself, make any reference to Obama being an elitist the Democrats must show just who the elitists really are. Say, let's compare the McCain/Romney net worth against Obama/Biden's. Let's count houses. Let's remind people that McCain has never lived as most blue collar or middle class people must live – paycheck to paycheck. McCain's POW experience was a singular event shared by a select few. It was, no doubt, a horrific experience. But it does not lend itself to McCain's having any real understanding or empathy for what it is to live as most working and middle class Americans, let alone the poor, must live. Let's remind people that McCain, in his patented condescending and dismissive fashion, stated that anyone earning less that five million dollars a year should be considered "middle class" and that a viable solution to problems in the middle east is to "bomb Iran, bomb, bomb Iran."

It should be pointed out that McCain comes from a long line of career military men, and that he actually was very reluctant to join the military. He wanted to study literature. It should be pointed out that other than his POW experience, McCain did not distinguish himself greatly through his command experience.

McCain has only briefly held any real jobs in the private sector. Except for his military experience, most of his adult life has been spent in the political arena.

McCain is mean spirited, short tempered and has been seen to be personally cruel and disrespectful publicly to his wife and on some occasions to members of his staff, as well as to members of the press.

The Democrats must NOT allow McCain to take a pass on all this. He is not a delicate flower who must be handled with kid gloves. He is a grizzled political veteran who must be dealt with accordingly. The gloves must come off.

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  • Whatever the conservatives want to say, here’s what Hillary has ALWAYS been about: Universal Health Care.

    The United States has the BEST health care in the world – that’s what they tell us. Then WHY are we, according to the CIA Fact Book, FORTY-FIFTH on the list of countries by life expectancy? Every country in Europe has UHC…and every one has a longer life expectancy than the U.S. except for Ireland and Denmark (which are both virtually tied with us).

    The U.S. DOES have the best health care in the world…for those who can afford it.

  • Pablo


    That is true, however what you did not mention that Clinton was laundering for GW Bushie, and working with Barry Seale the biggest importer of cocaine to the us in history.

  • The Clintons were the biggest Cocaine money launderers in Arkansas! Watch ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ movie for free on Google Video!
    Another great one is Terrorstorm!

  • Clavos

    Go easy, B, he’s so proud of those rare moments of lucidity; they are becoming fewer and farther between on a daily basis, you know.

  • Baronius

    Bliffle. We get it. It’s a pun. Enough already.

  • bliffle

    Amazing the contortions Baronius goes through to be erroneous again.

  • Baronius

    Baritone – Comments like that make me think that either you’re crazy, or I am. Most likely, we’re both a little touched.

    As I recall, Kerry’s campaign was very nasty. Him, personally. You can find people who think that both campaigns weren’t aggressive enough. Kerry campaigned on his Vietnam War record, so he opened the door for the swift boat ads. Those ads were nothing compared to what they could have been.

    Kerry spent most of his campaign accusing Bush of questioning his patriotism. Obama has been implying that his opponents are motivated by racism. As if the Republicans aren’t supposed to run candidates against a former soldier, or a black man. And don’t forget the NAACP smears against Bush.

    Maybe you and I both see our side as justified and the other side as slanderous. I have trouble believing that you’re not ashamed of the Democratic Party, but I think you’re being truthful. I honestly believe that Rove has been a gentleman compared to Bill Clinton’s campaign staffs.

  • I’m not better than anyone – well, maybe Rob Schneider – but, otherwise…

    Still, there is little doubt that Rove took the down and dirty of campaigning to a new low. It has been discussed ad nauseam how the “Swiftboater’s” bogus charges along with the reluctance of Kerry and his campaign to return the attack in kind. And Rove’s tactics for Bush and his heirs now running things for McCain had and have as the main thrust of their campaign the attacks directly against Obama. Only recently, and in retaliation has the Obama camp come forward with any negative ads against McCain.

    Kerry’s campaign which included Mr. Shrum has been repeatedly attacked for not being aggressive enough. The same has been said of Obama and his organization. All week during their convention the pundits have been lambasting the Dems for NOT bringing out enough “red meat” bashing McCain.

    So far, it hasn’t even been close. McCain began Obama bashing in June. Counter ads from Obama have only surfaced in the last couple of weeks.

    This has been the modus operandi of the Republicans even before Rove. The Dems do it, but the Reps are the masters. Ya’ll should own it. It got your guys in the WH several times. Job well done!


  • Baronius

    Yup, Baritone, it’s a good thing you’re here to give us the objective truth. You don’t get caught up in your own perspective, do you?

    It’s all Karl Rove. He’s the source of all evil. Angelic Democrats like James Carville and Bob Shrum share banana bread recipes with the public, while Rove and his band of Rovians poison the well water.

    It’s a good thing you’re here with the decency to rip the throats out of the dismissive, condescending slime lords. You’re better than the people who take criticisms to the extreme.

  • zingzing

    not everyone spits the one-liners, clavos.

    wait, maybe they do.

  • Clavos

    Your opportunites are that few, huh?

  • Clav,

    Gotta get my digs in where I can.


  • Clavos

    True, deep rooted cynicism, typical of the right.

    Oh please, B-tone.

    Ever looked at the DailyKos or HuffPost?

  • Politics is a tough game. Egos get stepped on and people say and do things that under more normal circumstances they would never say or do. Some say it reveals our “true” colors. I don’t necessarily buy into that. Often people act and react differently when under severe external pressure. Think of how many voices are clamboring for a politician’s attention. Think of how many people are “advising” candidates as to what direction to take, what to say, what not to say.

    A presidential candidate has, in effect, an entire nation to respond to. Again, it’s tough.
    Obviously, some do better than others.

    Obama has been forced to go through the learning curve. Undoubtedly he has made missteps. There have more than likely been people within his campaign who have spoken and acted out of turn. Ultimately, anything and everything that comes out of a campaign is the candidate’s responsibility. He or she can accept the plaudits, but they must also be prepared to shoulder any blame.

    I think there is some truth to what both Biden and the Clintons have said, that they have witnessed Obama growing and maturing as a candidate over the past several months. He’s an intelligent guy who is hopefully learning from his mistakes. It will be interesting to see how his speech goes this evening.

    On another note, I am finding it more and more difficult to watch all of the pundits calculating and judging what the various candidates will be doing or have done. The speculation just gets to be too much. Generally, it’s all over the map. News organizations like CNN or MSNBC that are on the air 24 hours a day pretty much paint themselves into a corner wherein they must keep talking constantly, even when there is really nothing to be said.

    And then, there’s Mike Murphy who predicts that both of the Clintons will actually vote for McCain. What an ass! True, deep rooted cynicism, typical of the right. The jerk makes this prediction with a shit eating grin on his face knowing full well that no one can ever prove or refute it. The crowd behind him should have showered him with rotten tomatos.


  • Hillary accomplished what was required of her as a Stepford Democrat. The two major political parties in the United States need a wake up call but before they are thrown into chaos the American people need to wake up themselves. We go along to get along and none of us are getting anywhere.

    America remains the city Ronald Reagan describes. President Kennedy laid out a challenge to place a man on the moon. We achieved it. America still has the capability to achieve lofty goals. Today we can prove that by overcoming our addiction to foreign energy sources.

    Obama says, “Yes We Can!” I believe that. I just don’t believe that Barack Obama is the leader we require today. We can achieve anything if we work together in multi-partisan fashion. If we’d stop looking at our extreme differences for a moment and took the time to listen to the other side, we could come up with some bold, positive initiatives.

    Americans from all walks of life deserve a seat at the table of governance. The problem is that most of us don’t even know that the banquet table was there all along.

  • bliffle

    Seems to me that Hillary did a pretty good job, that she realized that to continue her bitching would just make herself a pariah. Anyway, IMO Obama wasn’t near as rude to Hillary as she was to him, along with her husband. If there was any sexism in the primaries it was on the part of the MSM. And the recalcitrance of Hills supporters put them in danger of being fagrant sexists themselves, as well as “rule or ruin” spoilers. That would have set back women in politics for 20 years.

  • Not true Dave. That’s just how you choose to interpret it owing to your predisposition.

    But, no doubt, under similar circumstances YOU could have sucked it up and been sincere and gracious, a definitive picture of selflessness and humility.


  • I thought Hillary’s speech was pretty sincere. She sincerely lauded her own campaign and ideas and sincerely ignored Obama as much as possible.


  • Obviously, I disagree. Do I believe that Hillary is all warm and fuzzy about Obama? No. This has been a bitter pill for her (or anyone) to swallow. Like her or hate her (which obviously most people here at BC do,) she put everything into her campaign including a few million dollars. Few primary battles are as protracted as the one between her and Obama. A lot of things were said and done both ways that were personal. It’s inevitable given the circumstances.

    Biden, Richardson, Dodd and the rest left the fray early on. Any raw spots left from their campaigns have had time to heal. It was incumbant upon Clinton to pretty much turn on a dime and throw her support to Obama. Pretty tough assignment for anyone, wouldn’t you say?

    I certainly don’t believe in her heart of hearts that she is happy about the turn of events.
    Yet, she and Bill both stood up and did their jobs, and did them admirably, as members of, and in the interests of, the Party. Were the speeches crafted? Were they, the Clintons, looking out for their political future? Of course. They are politicians. Good politicians don’t burn bridges.

    Could anyone, including all you naysayers here have done more? Considering the kind of ego it takes to even consider a run for the presidency, it takes a great deal of personal strength to swallow the hurt, the anger and the disappointment that comes with such a loss.

    I won’t believe for one second that McCain and Bush, or McCain and Romney like each other. A McCain/Romney ticket and the posturing necessary will be far less credible than that displayed by Obama/Biden.

    What is disgusting and disingenuine about McCain is that he has obviously bought into the Rovian campaign tactics that he once found so despicable, and that were used so ruthlessly against him. McCain is a politically spineless fraud.

    I will not suggest that the Democrats are anything close to being pure as regards campaign tactics. However, on balance, the Reps have been far more ruthless and underhanded over the years – Willie Horton and Swiftboating come to mind just as a couple of glaring examples.

    In my heart, I agree with Zedd. I would love to see the Dems pretty much stay on the high road and win the WH. I just don’t know if they can do that.

    Next week I’m betting that the tenor of the Rep Convention will be far less positive. They will toot their own horn, of course and probably wear even sillier hats than the Dem delegates have. But the tone of most of the podium speeches will almost assuredly be negative. From first breath to last, they will be smearing Obama and Biden. For the Reps, its SOP.


  • Clavos

    I agree, Joanne, it wasn’t sincere.

    Someone on another thread characterized it as her first speech of the 2012 campaign…

  • Hillary is indeed a great public speaker, but something about the speech just didn’t ring true for me. Call it women’s intuition, but I don’t think she has let go. Her body language and intonation told me that she’s still highly POed.

    Yup. I can’t wait for next week’s installment of the circus…

  • Clavos

    To believe that the Bush camp heartily supports McCain is foolhardy.

    McCain is better off if they don’t.

  • Has anyone lost sight of the fact that McCain is just as much a victim of the Republican slime machine as Bill Clinton? Have we forgotten what Bush and his Golden Army did to McCain in South Carolina? To believe that the Bush camp heartily supports McCain is foolhardy. This is an arranged marriage built on top of the melting George W. Bush glacier.

  • Arch Conservative

    How can people expect to be taken seriously when they lack objectivity?

    Republicans engage in sliming and mudslinging but Dems do not?

    C’mon people. Stop being such partisan zombies.

  • Zedd


    It’s difficult to say something smart when you “slime lord”. Doing so also has a residual effect. It dummies down the debate and affects the country adversely because important things don’t happen. Look at the path that the Reps have taken us on because of the none issues, slimeing and mud slinging. Lets remain smart. THAT is where real integrity and character is. It certainly isn’t in TALKING about family, prayer in school, flags and embryos.

  • Arch Conservative

    Arch and others are so predisposed to despising her, that they can’t, in their wildest imaginings believe she or Bill could be even remotely sincere.

    B-tone in case you haven’t noticed I haven’t ecactly been praising McCain or anyone on the GOP side these days either.

    I’m sure that somwhere in their hearts most politicians do have some concern for the American people but 99% of the time that concern takes a backseat to their own political/monetary ambitions. You know it..I know it..we all know it B-tone. So to write an article pretending that Hillary’s speech was anything but a bunch of carefully selected words strung together to ensure that she comes off looking like she truly wants Obama to win but at the same time not being too overly enthusiastic so that if he lsoes she can say seeI told you so…..should have been me….and then run again in 2012..is truly a waste of space on BC,……..

    A little hypocthetical for you b-tone….suppose that somone or someones came to Hillary and let her know that they had the power to determine the next two elections and that these someones would allow Hillary to choose what happens in 08…Obama wins and is the encumbent in 2012 or he loses in 08 making it possible for a number of dems to run again in 2012………….what do you think hilary would choose……..

    I think we all know the answer……..

  • Perception is a funny thing. For most of the primary season, charges were predominantly leveled at the Clintons for their obstruction of Obama. Criticisms are always taken to the extreme in politics. Even the smallest slight, a wink, a glance, a sigh, are picked up and characterized as being tantamount to the Holocaust.

    We always hear these types of charges against one pol or another – they are the most dastardly human beings in the world – yet we virtually never hear exactly what it is they did to earn their loathsome standing. I don’t recall seeing any photos or specific references regarding Obama hocking a lugey in Hillary’s direction. Maybe I missed that.

    In any case, the “attacks” I spoke of above are those from the McCain camp. McCain even criticized Obama for “wanting to be president.” Apparently, McCain doesn’t want to be president. Perhaps someone is holding a gun on McCain’s chubby little trust fund daughter, forcing him to be the Rep flag bearer.

    The last thing I heard on MSNBC was that the McCain people intend to “leak” his VP choice just prior to Obama’s speech in Denver. As I’ve noted, the Reps are cynical bastards who obviously are running scared shitless. They’ll probably fly over the stadium during Obama’s speech and launch live turkeys out of a helicopter ala WKRP.

    Romney is the safe choice, but he’s about as exciting as watching the grocery truck unload. At least Biden can be interesting, as he sometimes goes off track when speaking with various results.

    Politikin is fun.


  • Well whoever the candidate is they will be informed tomorrow. Friends of mine are convinced it will be Romney and that will immediately take John McCain out of consideration for me.

    But in keeping with the topic here, I think I’ll ask for a paper ballot and write in Hillary as my pick for President. Just haven’t decided who I’ll write in for #2.

  • Clavos

    It’s Mitt Romney. McCain will announce on Friday.

    Not the worst pick, but I still think he has a golden opportunity to pick a woman, and should…

  • I am becoming more rabid. I have seen the relentless harsh attacks against Obama here at BC. That and more is what we will see from the Reps next week and in the campaign to follow.

    Rabid? I was rabid at the manner in which Hillary has been given the shaft by Barack Obama. He’s inexperienced. He’s an opportunist and spit in the face of the Democratic power couple that gave their lives to insure he rise in politics and society. If LBJ were alive I hardly think he would admire the Obama ruthlessness.

    What is so frustrating is that Bush/McCain have given the Dems so much fodder to chew them up and spit them out, yet so far they have only nibbled around the edges.

    Sometimes the wolf needs to be clothed as a sheep. John McCain is no George W Bush. There are chimpanzees with more common sense than the current occupant of the White House. Things are not as they seem in either party. Hate to clue you in, folks. But Barack is not the Messiah. Think about his core support — all those YOUNG, inexperienced folks under 40 who are products of 60’s – 80’s education systems. We’re about to see Granny’s school tax dollars pay off. What a return on her investment!

    P.S. On a lighter note. It’s Mitt Romney. McCain will announce on Friday. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, that is what I’m hearing. We’ll know here in the Boston area soon. After all, Mitt’s primary residence is right around the corner!

  • I wrote and submitted this article at about 1AM this morning, but I am doing something wrong regarding the assigning of categories which apparently delayed its publishing. The same must be true of another article aimed at the PUMAs that remains pending.

    As far as Arch is concerned, Hillary could have paid to fly him first class to Denver, bring him to the Convention site in a stretch limo with a full service bar, escort him up to the podium, given him 20 million tax free dollars, a lein free deed to a multi-million dollar condo somewhere in the Carribean, and the company of nubial triplets for as long as he could keep “up” with them, and he would still find a means to reject and demean her. “What, you couldn’t come up with quads?”

    Hillary did her job splendidly. Arch and others are so predisposed to despising her, that they can’t, in their wildest imaginings believe she or Bill could be even remotely sincere.

    I thought that Bill did equally well as Hillary, and Biden did a good job as well. I do believe that they still seem to be walking on egg shells regarding McCain. I wish somebody would rake him and the Reps over the coals. As I noted, the gloves must come off, and so far, they have not.

    Virtually every Democrat who has spoken of John McCain have prefaced their comments with what a great guy and long standing good friend he is. That bullshit has got to stop. The Reps will not have one civil word to say about Obama or Biden. They will attack relentlessly from the opening gavel until the balloons are released next Thursday.

    I suppose part of the problem was that a great deal of time had to be expended in salving the rift between the Clintons and the Obamas and their respective constituents. They had to play nice with each other, and in the process there was far too little focus on the Reps and McCain/Bush.

    So far, on balance it’s been a very “feel good” Convention. I just don’t know if that’s the way they should have gone.

    I am becoming more rabid. I have seen the relentless harsh attacks against Obama here at BC. That and more is what we will see from the Reps next week and in the campaign to follow. The Reps during the past 3 campaigns have made no pretense at “taking the high road.” Carl Rove taught them all well. They are the pit bulls of political campaigns. Rove and his dogs have been trained to go for the throat and never let go. What is truly sad is that so far it has worked. Apparently, people like it. They often publicly lament how repugnant constant, ruthless negative campaigning is, but they secretly take to it, even if they feel like they need to take a shower afterwards. Ah, but they have to live with the slime for at least four years. It won’t come off.

    So, Republicans are slime lords. I really don’t want the Dems to follow suit, but if they are intent upon winning, there may be no choice. Since the Reps have proven over the past seven plus years that they are unequal to the task of running a government, it’s possible that the Dems won’t have to sink down into the sludge as deeply as the Reps have, but sink they must.

    What is so frustrating is that Bush/McCain have given the Dems so much fodder to chew them up and spit them out, yet so far they have only nibbled around the edges.

    My message to Democrats: Rip their fucking throats out!


  • Well, there is a mechanism by which voters can express their sentiment at the polls. We are NOT forced to vote for only those on the pre-printed (or programmed) ballot. It’s called DEMAND A PAPER BALLOT! Take a pen, and DRAFT HILLARY. Even 10 million votes will send a somber message to Washington.

  • It was an electrifying speech, from someone not known for giving great speeches. Along with Michelle Obama, Mark Warner, and, tonight, Bill Clinton, Beau Biden, Joe Biden, and the ‘surprise’ appearance of Barack himself, Hillary contributed to an energizing week for us Dems, to say the least. I suspect a few independent voters will agree. Certainly hope so.

  • zingzing

    oh, archie, stop pooping on everyone’s salad. it’s a good thing for us–and a bad thing for you–that the clintons are at least pretending to be on obama’s side.

    you just can’t stand it, you baby.

  • Arch Conservative

    the good old days?

    well i don’t think we’re ever going to have another internet/.com boom that will drive the economy like we saw in the 1990s

    but then al gore did invent the internet and he was clinton’s vp so i guess we can give them all the credit right/

  • Zedd


    I agree.

    She hit it out of the ball park!! I was inspired and regained respect for her. I have never committed to the Democratic party even though my voting record suggests that my leanings are Democratic. After she and Kennedy spoke, I was nearly convinced to throw my hat in the ring. She was powerful.


    I just watched Bill Clinton Oh the good old days!!!

    No snorting, interrupted by confusing distracted and sometimes incoherent moments and chuckles. No fake religious sentiments and manufactured expressions of sincerity and emotions over none issues. Just ideas and solutions. Ah the good old days.

  • Arch Conservative

    A more fitting title would have been

    “Politician gives carefully crafted, politically cautious speech designed to further own political ambition”

    Don’t worry b-tone that title will be just as fitting next week during the republican circus….maybe you can write another article then and get it right.