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Hi-5 Goes Beyond The Call of Duty…

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This is a post from a new member of the Hi-5 fan board. If you’ll remember from my previous post regarding the cast of Hi-5, I mentioned that they are a very hard working bunch and really seem to care about their fans. Well, they proved just how much they care about their fans yet again in North Carolina and, at the same time, left a soldier and his family with some very special memories.

This is a good story:

We went to see Hi-5 at the Greensboro, NC concert. We were unaware of the meet and greet after the concert, but my son begged us to find a way to let him see Hi-5 one more time. We waited near the tour bus until they came out. The group had to have been exhausted, after a wonderful concert, and the time they dedicated to the meet and greet, not to mention loading up for a long night’s drive to perform the next day. We were hoping for just a quick wave and final cheer, but what we got was so much more. Let me back up and begin by saying this concert was a gift to my children from my husband who was headed to Iraq for a 15 month deployment just days after the concert. He wanted to give them something truly special to hold onto before he left. The cast came out, one at a time, and they were fabulous.

Everyone was generous and kind and sweet, and they all gave us autographs and pictures. When Jenn found out my husband was in the service and on his way over to Iraq, she took the time to thank him, talk with him, and told him she would pray for him. She then took our camera and took family pictures of us with the rest of the cast so I could be in the shots as well. We said goodbye and thank you to the cast as they continued their tour duty. The day came for my husband to leave, and needless to say I was a wreck. My son hugged me tight, and through his tears told me he knew his daddy would be okay, because even Hi-5 is praying for him.

He continued with saying that his daddy was a hero and could make anything happen, because he found a way for my son to meet Hi-5. He said that his daddy could do anything, and he knew this now and he was so proud that his daddy was keeping him and Hi-5 safe. I know this sounds a little cheesy, but hearing Jenn say those things and offering her gratitude to our military…it gave my son everything he needed to deal with his dad’s deployment. My son is not yet four, so the fact that he was able to process such things astounds me. But hearing support from one of his Hi-5 heroes made all the difference in the world. It may not seem like such a big thing, but I am forever grateful for the beautiful souls of the Hi-5 group. They gave my son a rainbow to hold on to during a storm.

I know that some will say this is too cheesy to be true, but the account above is consistent with everything I know about the cast of Hi-5. I’m going to add my voice to the voices of the cast of Hi-5 who took the time to thank the soldier for his service and his family for their sacrifice as well. I’m so thankful for the service of such men. Thank you for keeping us safe and for helping to spread freedom and democracy.

We’re all grateful for your service.

David Flanagan

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  • Diane

    Just another reason for me to love Hi-5! Sure am glad to have a kids show that is worth my time. Makes me want to let my 3 year old watch television -even though it is only for 30 minutes.

  • Is Hi-5 something like Up With People?


  • Hi-5 is a TV series for kids between the ages of 2 and 8 (and 20-60 🙂 It airs on TLC and Discovery Kids. It’s the US version of an Australian show that’s hugely popular down under; they’re just catching on here. They’ve toured the US twice… we were also fortunate enough to meet the gang and I’ll tell ya, David is spot on. They are the nicest twentysomethings you’d ever want to meet.

  • Trish from Memphis

    My friend Chrissy told me about this last winter, and had everyone on the board looking for tissues! Thanks for taking the story further, it is surely a HI-5 classic tale! Thanks David, you are my favorite blogger!