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Hezbollah Chief Thug To World: Oops!

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In what has to be one of the most extraordinary attempts at spinning public opinion since the Nixon White House called Watergate "a fifth-rate burglary," Sheik Hassan Nasrallah Sunday night claimed he never would have invaded Israel, captured the two Israeli soliders, and killed three others if he'd known it would lead to war.

"'We did not think, even 1 percent, that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude. You ask me, if I had known on July 11 … that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not,' he said in an interview with Lebanon's New TV station."                      

According to CNN, he claimed, without producing any evidence, that Israel had been planning an October invasion of southern Lebanon.  The Hezbollah raid simply moved up the Israeli's timetable.

Of course, since the interview was on Lebanese television, no one bothered to ask him for evidence of this supposed planned Israeli invasion…or even what its purpose might be.  Although, given the way even the Western media works, it's unlikely that anyone would have challenged him.  Think that's chutzpah?  It gets better.

"The Israelis wanted to begin this war," Nasrallah said in the interview, calling it "an American decision" with "many European countries" involved. He insisted Israel was looking for "an Arab cover."

Oh, there was never any intention on our part of starting a war, he proclaimed.  Why, not even the families of Lebanese prisoners held by the Israelis would have wanted such an outcome, he said. 

Such profound regret.  Such deep remorse.  Such unmitigated crap. 

And he continued to claim that Hezbollah had won the war with Israel, and he showed no regret for the death of Israeli civilians since Lebanon was a victim of Israeli aggression.

The problem for Israel isn't that the Arab world will now take this drivel as gospel.  They've been lying to their own people and themselves for so long that they wouldn't know the truth if it was at the end of a guided missile headed up their asses.  The problem for Israel is Kofi "Some of my best friends are Jews" Annan and the European anti-Semites who will continue to look for reasons to blame her for this Hezbollah-inspired mess.

When will the world wake up to the danger posed by thugs such as Nasrallah and his Syrian and Iranian puppet masters?  And when will the world stop blaming Israel for problems caused by European nation creation at the end of WWI which has resulted in this total disaster in the Middle East?

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  • That nasrallah guy is so full of crap. who is he trying to fool? Rooters, CNN, BBC, NYT, AP. Well i got news for him they are already bloody fools. try someone else for a change. How abt Fox news? I heard that their correspondents “submit” at the point of a gun and say whatever u want.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Nice job, Marc. Don’t expect the international Arab dominated media to vary from the usual trash they feed the world. Don’t even expect the Israeli media to vary to far from the drivel fed you guys, except to criticize Olmert enough to prevent a coup d’état. It is extremely important to the media here that whatever changes take place here take place “legitimately.” Otherwise, their own complicity in the traitorous acts of the Israeli government in the two years past will be exposed.

    Just keep a weather eye out for attempts to keep some kind of hostilities going in the north on a very low level while the “Palestinians” prepare another “initfada.” This is not over by any means.

  • Nancy

    The Arabs, Palestinians, and Lebanese must be complete fools & half-wits to have this direct quote made to them, and to go on believing Hezbollah is on their side.

  • Ruvy, when the French & Italians (both of whom I love despite their governments) take care of protecting Israel from Hezbollah, all I can say is oy vey, are you in trouble.

    In Decaf Veritas

  • Nancy

    Ruvy, I know you’re not exactly in the Knesset, but huccome you guys didn’t use your bunkerbusters on the Hezbollah tunnels to root ’em out & kept using tanks?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    The war and how it was fought was dictated from Washington. In other words, the Olmert cabal discovered how much fun it as to work with world emperor Cheney and his brown-nosers (you thought Bush really runs the place, huh?).

    The American strategy was that certain things could be done and others not. A lightning attack on Beirut might well have killed Nasrallah, but the Americans were worried about unnecessary destruction of infrastructure.

    In essence that is the reason that 117 soldiers died in this war. That doesn’t sound like a lot – until you multiply it by 50 to get what the number (5,580) of American troops would be in terms of the population… Proportionally, it’s more than the Americans have lost in Iraq over the last three years.

  • Nancy

    Hell, no – very few with any brains think that Junior runs anything, even if he does make noises from time to time about being the “Decider”. Of the two, it’s painfully obvious which one is the psychopath & which the puppet.

    I just thought that Olmert had a little more discretion than that, is all.

  • Bliffle

    Nasrallah may be murderous and manipulative, but at least he can recognize a mistake when he makes one. We need him on our side. Maybe we should make him president. Looks better qualified than the current guy.

  • Mohjho

    Are you inferring with your article that Sheik Hassan Nasrallah had the Israeli soldiers killed and kidnapped in order to force Israel to invade?

    I don’t think that he is voicing his regret or remorse, just admitting a strategic miscalculation. There seems to be a lot of that going around.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I can’t answer for Mark, but I do not think that Nasrallah was planning a war with Israel just now. From what I’ve learned, the Israelis moved up their timetable of attack from October to July to accomodate the Americans.

    But his weapons have been proven to be puny in use as opposed to gigantic in appearance before use. A four foot rocket filled with nails and some explosive is nothing to sneeze at and it kills, but it is NOT a guided missile that can destroy a bunker.

    If such a rocket (the term missile must be used only in the strictest technical sense here to avoid confusion – a missile is anything thrown or launched, but technically and militarily it has other characteristics as well, like a guidance system) hits an oil storage tank or gas station and sets it alight, it can be terribly destructive.

    The gun that HizbAllah has been pointing at our heads is not a pop gun – it has done a great deal of damage. But missile attacks would have been far more deadly.

    The victory that we won, so much as there is a victory to be claimed, is that the population did not panic under fire, and that we now know what terrors the Katyushas hold for us. That’s it. Olmert blew the rest and proved to the Israeli public that he is nothing but a “mitlahév,” an empty braggart. There are four people on the planet who will defend the putz without qualification – his two sons, his daughter and his wife.

  • Mohjho–o.k., tell me what he thought would happen? Israel says, “Baaaad Hezzie. Give us back our boys.” or “Hey, we gotta lotta Lebba’s here in our jails. Let’s swap.”

    If Nasra didn’t think the Israelis would strike back somehow, he’s a bleeding idiot–which we already know he is. Give me a break.

    But RUVY! You too with the October invasion. Would you please provide me with substantive proof of that…from here, to me, it looks like the BIG LIE starting to spread from Hersh to Asia Times throughout BlogCritics. And now you. Oy vey! Vat the hell is goink on here? Show me proof. I was just about to write about this BIG LIE…who needs this much embarassment?

    In Nothing Veritas

  • I believe Nasrallah in this case – that he didn’t believe Hezbollah’s assault would spark the war it did – because the war that came was so obviously a lousy, lousy idea for Israel.

    Israel has negotiated in similar kidnapping/prisoner situations before and it would have been far better if it had done it again in this case, instead of carry out this self-defeating military farce. But Nasrallah didn’t put Olmert’s need to look tough through military populism into his calculations.

    Nasrallah and Olmert’s mistakes have both become clear now. They were catastrophic for the people of Lebanon and of Israel. Nasrallah can afford to gloat, though, because it made Olmert look weak and helped Hezbollah.

  • Nancy

    The late Jim Corbett (the hunter, not the athlete) once said, “you don’t go looking for a tiger unless you’re very, very sure you want to see him”. Even if he didn’t do it with the intention of starting an actual war, to pull this kind of provocation on an enemy or party that’s already edgy is the height of stupidity, not to mention callous disregard for innocent 3rd parties.

    Nasrallah acts like he thinks it’s all some kind of macho shithead game. This is the kind of leader muslims look up to when they should be kicking his nuts thru the roof of his mouth for his idiocy?

  • Dear Mistress, Thou hast forgotten that just a few months ago, the Gazanians kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and the Israeli army marched right back into Gaza where they remain accomplishing little of value.

    So…why would they treat Hezbollah any different?

    In Nothing Veritas

  • Nancy, Well Said!

  • Hmm. Using military means to get the kidnapped soldiers back out of Gaza has been such a successful cakewalk, hasn’t it, Mark?

    In view of the utter lack of progress in the Gazan offense, educated guesses could have had the Israeli government not super-anxious to try it again on an organization even bigger and better connected than Hamas, in a more autonomous region. If those educated guesses had left out cynical political realities about Olmert’s need to prove his military stripes.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Mark, I’m afraid the good mistress has hit the nail on the head. Olmert barely served in the IDF. I don’t know how he pulled it off, but if he reached the rank of second seargent (what you would call a lance corporal), I’d be shocked. His security minister, Amir Peretz, never rose above the rank of seargent in the IDF. Hlutz had to convince everybody that even though he was an air force general, he was fit to serve. He has proven the opposite.

    But Olmert, wanting badly to kick Jews out of Judsea and Samaria, needed to look eppes like a war leader – which he isn’t. This is the same putz who said “we’re tired of winning.” But now that he occupied a seat of importance, he had to have some blood on the sword before going after doing what he does best – bullying other Jews.

    On another thread, Nancy asked me what was going on in October. I figured it out. In September and October, there will be trials of young kids arrested for opposing the expulsion of Jews from Gush Qatif. A war in October might well have taken the negative publicity away from the court system that has kept teenagers in jail for months, often in solitary confinement. Google up the name Moshe Belogorodsky or Haya (or Chaya) Belogorodsky and see what pops up, just for the heck of it. You should see what I’m talking about.

  • Nancy

    Gee, Olmert & Peretz have so much in common with Bush & Cheney – except O&P actually served, while our two weaselled out totally. In both cases, it transpires neither set knows jack shit about matters military.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    There is one big difference between Olmert and Bush. Olmert didn’t have a Saudi with a fat checkbook to bail him out of his business failures. So Olmert had to learn to steal instead. All that stealing is coming back to haunt him now. there is one investigastion going on about finagling the price of a house in J-lem. There will be more if Olmert doesn’t dance to the piper’s tune…

    Peretz is an effective executive, but his knowledge and expertise is giving finance ministers heart attacks and stealing money for (and from) the Histradrut (our equivalent of the AFL-CIO), not running the army.