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Hey, Ho, Shambo Won’t Go!

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Fond of animals as I am, it's no surprise that I'd react with glee at the news that Shambo the Bull received a reprieve from slaughter by the National Assembly of Wales.

Shambo is a bovine who resides in his own pen at a Hindu temple — the Skanda Vale Temple — in Wales. Cows are sacred in the Hindu religion and the Assembly's threat to put the animal down mobilized the significantly sized British Hindu community — and Hindus worldwide. Members of the Skanda Vale Temple and their supporters had planned to form a human chain around Shambo's pen in an attempt to block government officials from carrying out their slaughter order. Officials said the animal had tuberculosis that could spread — even though Shambo was confined to his pen.

Bearing in mind this assault on Hindu sensitivities, there's another, totally different reason why I'm heartened by Shambo's new lease on life.

For years now, the British Government has been placating Muslims to the extent that some communities in this supposedly Western country are operating under sharia law. The government is so afraid of the big bad Islamic bogeyman that if a Muslim complains about a cartoon pig or the swirl of a Burger King ice cream looking like the word "Allah" written in the Arabic alphabet, immediate action is taken.

In fact, I would say that when Muslims demand "bend over," the Government asks "how far?", but alas, I know that jihad applies to homosexuals as well. But you get the point, dear reader. It hardly matters anymore who's doing the raping — be it an imam or government official — we're all getting fucked up the back passage, at least those of us who believe in freedom with brains uncontaminated by psychotic prophets or political correctness.

Yet, until recently, a regional government of Britain wanted to tell the Hindu community where to get off. You can hear the National Assembly of Wales' line of thought here: "Well, you people are Hindu. You're peaceful. You don't go around declaring jihad or bombing anyone. So what are you gonna do if we slaughter your sacred cow?"

I can understand the assembly's concern about disease, but Shambo is limited to his own containment pen at the Skanda Vale Temple. He does not have contact with any other cattle, or any other animals at all. How exactly is he going to spread tuberculosis to other animals?

Wales, like any other country, has the unpleasant job of eradicating diseased animals lest they cause an epidemic, but Shambo was unlikely to be the cause of that. The Assembly was faced with two choices: either defer the implementation of its slaughter notice on Shambo or petition the Government to reverse its policy of appeasement toward the Muslim community so that Shambo's slaughter would not look as if it was riding roughshod over British Hindus. Naturally, the Assembly opted for the former.

The British Government's policy of appeasement toward jihad-crazy Muslims remains a challenge, but at least another religious community in Britain dared to achieve a victory at the expense of insensitive bureaucrats.

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  • Arun

    I can already see the repurcussions, today it was a bull. Lets say for example that dogs are infested with a certain strain of virus that is contagious and fatal to human beings, will that mean extermination of all infested dogs?
    Killing is never the solution.

  • troll

    ‘hurt other people’ is a gray area…but I agree that monkey wrenchers need to be prepared for the consequences (personal and public) of their actions

  • Stan, i’m right there with you, and agree with both the literal and sentiment behind what ya typed

    like i’ve said many times, i may despise what some say/think/espouse…but i’ll defend to the End their right to do so

    this would apply both to Mark in this Article(and others)as well as those who speak against him…and the Hindus sticking up for their cow

    i tend to draw the line when it hits criminal activity beyond civil disobedience..but again, accept Responsibility for your actions and you can protest as you see fit…hurt other people, and you are fucked and deserve punishment to the fullest extent of the Law


  • STM

    And Gonzo, tell me when the day comes when local US administrations will allow Sharia “courts” to operate in their areas. I’ll look forward to that.

    I can understand up to a point what the Poms are doing (no doubt some local, young muslim lawbreakers will be referred to these institutions by the British courts, much like in Australia where Aboriginal tribal councils can bestow traditional punishment on aborigines for a whole range of criminal actions). But, still … in the UK (and here) it’s all getting a tad out of hand.

    Although I don’t agree with Mark’s politics, I nevertheless remain firmly of the view that if you want to move to another country because it offers more than where you’ve come from, and you want to be a part of what’s already there and what’s taken a thousand years or more to evolve – then come in droves and be protected by the rule of law and against such things as overt and covert discrimination (and these protections are now considerable and the law includes the right to hold an opinion that may not be shared by all).

    However, the other side of that is, if you don’t want what’s on offer, and you want to change things according to your own warped world view, and are perhaps on supporting or encouraging criminal actions, then either bugger off or don’t come in the first place.

    Simple, really.

  • STM

    Yes, I must admit … I had heard today that Shambo was no more and had been despatched to the bovine equivalent of Nirvana.

    At least the Hindus haven’t been threatening to blow up the local council chambers, though. They just used the rights the Poms have always had, which is to stand in a line with arms linked (whilst shouting) to stop the health department getting through to Shambo.

    Loved the Mark Steyn piece by the way. He really does get it.

  • just for Mark – Shambo is tartare

    there’s one Hindu cow that won’t be any threat to you

    and that’s the problem with your approach sometimes…this was a simple bit about Hindu traditions in Britain colliding with purely secular concerns

    what the fuck did it have to do with anybody blowing anything up?

    have i missed something? has there been a rash of Hindu terrorists in Britain blowing shit up?

    so yeah..the minority population of Hindu descent in Britain doesn’t seem like any kind of “threat”

    now…do some other folks hold the possibility of criminal activity?

    hell yeah

    worry about them, and not some others whom you hold derision for, and unjustly lump them in with the criminals you should be wary of

    if morons stopped conflating things, and instead looked accurately at objective info to focus on actual problems rather than hysterics…it might just get a bit easier to stop the criminals

    just a Thought


  • Gonzo: “there IS help for those paranoid delusions.”

    This certainly sounds to me like you don’t take the threat I live with, as a resident of Britain, at the hands of this innocent (in your opinion) “minority population” seriously.

  • Can I please just have my Shamburger™ now?


  • Gill Gardiner

    “Gill Gardiner – I think you may have misunderstood somewhere along the line!”

    What have I misunderstood?

  • Mark..it’s called a pun…look it up, i’ll wait

    ya find it? now read the exchanges betwixt myself and Clavos…

    see them now? strewn all along the watchtower, as it were…

    as for the “terror threat”, now you are being disingenuous as well as hyperbolic

    did i mention anything of the sort?

    have i ever stated there was no “threat”?

    go on, look it up…i’ll wait, i know i have typed quite a lot around here

    but ya won’t find it….ever

    rather than the bullshit “sky is falling” stuff you keep spewing, how about rational discussion of the Problem?

    it IS a problem, but i don’t think some Hindu’s animal has anything to do with criminals trying to blow shit up

    just thought you might like to know…
    and thanks for the needle info, if yer gonna make claims, substantiate them or prepare for Questions…


  • Gonzo: ” …just how much he thinks the UK is being steaked through it’s heart by some minority population…”

    Oh, Gonzo, you’re right. What was I thinking? There is no terror threat! Yep, I’m just paranoid. Gordon Brown was being paranoid too when he notched U.K. security levels up to “critical” after that car bomb attempts at the attack at Glasgow Airport.

    Yessiree, it may be a forest, but how can you be sure those are trees?

    On a different subject, I know our intruder was a junkie because he left one of his filthy needles behind like a calling card. Must’ve dropped it in his haste to get out. (That’s not all he’d have lost, however, if I’d gotten hold of him.)

    By the way, in this instance, the word is spelled staked, not “steaked.” Just thought you’d like to know.

  • umm..the USDA is the United States Department of Agriculture…hardly an “un-endorsed American website”, but rather a “recognized” source with solid credentials

    just putting that out there for clarification…


  • Mrs Jones

    Clavos – It’s a bullock, not a cow – do you know the difference? Hmm – perhaps not!!

    By the way, I was not citing from USDA. This is fact, not based on some un-endorsed American website, but based on scientific studies and published papers. Recognised sources.

    Gill Gardiner – I think you may have misunderstood somewhere along the line!

    I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree – the judgement today, however, just goes to show that common sense has prevailed!

    See you guys – it’s been a good debate.

  • Clavos


    “Now you’ve done it. Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.”

  • i did wanna ask who this Alia was, and did yer wife know ya “et” her?

    could be trouble brewing…



  • Clavos


  • Clavos..ya misunderstand me…i hear where ya are coming from…all i did was try and point out where the concern arose from

    if there is any chance for human infection, then the animal loses…pretty simple, doesn’t have to be a big chance…any at all will do

    and since when do you trust a government organization, especially one owned by lobbyists, about anything?




  • Clavos

    gonzo et alia:

    OK, MORE from the same USDA site:

    “The most common cause of human disease is the bacteria (mycobacteria) called Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis). In 1995, almost 23,000 human cases were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the past, another major cause of human tuberculosis was Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis), the causative agent of tuberculosis in cattle. Humans got infected through drinking raw milk, but with the introduction of milk pasteurization this form of human tuberculosis has become very rare in the United States.”

    The bacterium which infects cows is not the same as the one which infects humans.


    “In adult cattle 85% to 90% of infections are due to M. bovis and occur through the respiratory tract”


    “Meat inspectors working with infected animals are not at increased risk for tuberculosis.”

    Sure sounds to me like there’s no risk to humans from an infected cow…

  • Clavos…the explanation lies in the fact that what she was talking about are airborne pathogens propagated if the TB has reached the lungs and pustulated…said pustules can then release infection from exhalation which is contagious

    part of the disease, doesn’t matter who has it


  • Clavos

    “As a matter of fact humans can contract bovine TB from close contact with infected animals – you may be aware that TB is airbourne and that is why infected individuals (animals, humans and other susceptible mammals) often present with lesions in their lungs.”

    Citation? That’s not what the USDA says.

    From the USDA site cited in my #12:

    “Humans got infected through drinking raw milk, but with the introduction of milk pasteurization this form of human tuberculosis has become very rare in the United States.” (emphasis added)

  • (:::insert sound of a cow tipping here:::)


  • Gill Gardiner

    This is marvellous news about Shambo – but are you sure? My interpretation of today’s news was that a judge in London had reversed the decision of the High Court in Cardiff, and that Shambo isn’t safe… ?

  • Mrs Jones

    As a matter of fact humans can contract bovine TB from close contact with infected animals – you may be aware that TB is airbourne and that is why infected individuals (animals, humans and other susceptible mammals) often present with lesions in their lungs.

    Shambo, therefore, has the potential to present a HUGE threat to humans which visit his temple. Apparently the Community has 90,000 visitors per year. Just imagine it!

    What’s more – how cruel it would be to allow this poor animal to live in isolation away from its own kind?!!

  • Clavos

    According to the USDA, the only way bovine TB can infect humans is if the drink an infected animal’s RAW milk.

    Shambo presents NO threat to humans.

    (Sorry, gonzo. Had to address that beef before people began to ruminate on it.)

  • well TB is one thing, but i guess it’s good the bull didn’t come down with a case of Anthrax….


    still wanna know how Mark here knew his burglar was a junkie… his prescience needs to be documented


  • Mrs Jones

    This afternoon it was announced that the judgement last week to save the TB infected bullock has been overturned by the Court of Appeal. When there is any risk at all that human health could be compromised, no matter what religions are involved, steps should (and will) be taken in order to eliminate that risk. Justice at last!!!!

  • oh Clavos, ya shouldn’t stew over things like this, try and steer your mind away from the various beefs you may have and quit trying to horn in on my action cuz all ya do is wind up with some hoof in mouth

    you keep up with the bologna and you could wind up with a one way trip to Salisbury, smothered in onions and gravy

    and that’s no bull


  • Clavos


    [crouches in corner, mumbling frantically to himself]:

    “I coulda been a contendah; I could made chopped liver outta him, gutted him, punched him right in the brisket, I just don’t have the heart for it – wait, I know! I’ll tail him, and as soon as he drops his guard, I’LL BRAIN him….yeah, that’s the ticket! He’ll be roast (no, wait, that’s TOAST!

    That’s IT, That’s it!! He’ll be….wait for it…wait…


  • but Clavos, do you cower in the face of adversity?

    if you have a t-bone to pick with me, then stand up and shout it out so i can filet the argument, or would you have London broil over the conflict while lunching on hamburger?


  • Clavos

    “but i digress”

    PLEASE!! :>)

  • we will not cow-tow to the infidels and unbelievers!!! no need for Mark to milk this for all it’s worth just so he can cheese off some more with just how much he thinks the UK is being steaked through it’s heart by some minority population…

    but i digress


  • Clavos

    “there IS help for those paranoid delusions, but you must let go of some of these udderly ridiculous ideas and not be cow-ed by that which seems strange to you”



  • put the crack pipe down and slowly back away…

    there IS help for those paranoid delusions, but you must let go of some of these udderly ridiculous ideas and not be cow-ed by that which seems strange to you

    but i bet ya will look cute in the bee keeper suit


  • troll

    …and Shambo looks on in disbelief thinking: ‘hells bells…and I thought I was going to be given a way out of this fucked up gig…’

  • We don’t kill people when they have TB. I imagine we ought to be able to find a way to manage a consumptive cow without killing it too.