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Hetfield Wants Metallica Fans To Hear Early St. Anger Tracks

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In a recent conversation with Launch Radio Networks, Metallica frontman James Hetfield revealed that he hopes that some of the early material the band recorded at The Presidio (a rented barrack at an army base) in San Francisco originally meant for the “St. Anger” album will eventually be released: “We were thinking about [putting some of the material out on] a soundtrack — I don’t think it’s gonna happen. It’s… there was a lot of music from [the Metallica documentary] ‘Some Kind of Monster’ that was from the Presidio tapes. There’s some really great songs. We’re not sure what we’re gonna do with those, but we’ve got ’em, and we’d like the rest of the world to hear ’em at some point.”

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  • As a once huge fan of Metallica, I have to say that St Anger is unlistenable drivel. The band worked so hard to sound tough and aggressive and shred and prove they weren’t soft. They did that without question, however they forgot to make music in the process. Where is the melody, the hook? Even Searh and Destroy had a great hook… it’s called songwriting 101. I can only hope they take the intensity of St Anger and write some songs with it. Robert Trujillo is a sweet addition to the band.

  • Well you have to admit that anything would be better that the tripe that was St Anger. You want aggression then go for Master of Puppets. It will be interesting to see if Metallica ever release anything again.

  • Those corporate whore, money-grubbing pigs will release and re-release whatever they can in order to scam a few bucks off of fans who undoubtedly will be disappointed by the talentless drivel (i.e., Metallica’s newer stuff). Any band that kicks out Dave Mustaine and lets pretentious prick Lars speak for them is a total sack of shit.

  • uh…..

    i kinda liked St. Anger.

  • I am sure they will release something….and in my opinion, anything they do release, will be a step up – already, that remix of Some Kind Of Monster does wonders and actually makes the song sound like a “sorta good one” in my opinion…

    I think the next release could very likely be a full remix of St. Anger as an album, and I think it would be interesting to hear the album remixed…I don’t think ALL of the songs are horrible….I like Frantic, and My World, to name a couple.

    No guitar solos though – that part does suck, even with a remix.

  • I hung out with James and Jason way back in ’89 and ’91. They are 100% solid white boys!

    Here’s some facts about their racist views:


  • sage nichols

    dude iLOVE METALLICA. The music is amazing, s&m is my favorite, but dudes st. anger really sucked i hope they’r new stuff gets better

  • aycan

    i would love to hear shadows of the cross, it could be much better than st.anger songs…
    besides some songs from st.anger(for example, all within my hands, the unnamed feeling, sweet amber and frantic) could be great if not they were repetitive and it was good on production wise.
    anywyas, good for metallica, any new stuff can get attention … hope they will be good, just like i dissapear did..

  • Idi ‘Big Daddy’ Amin

    Oi, Dirtgrain: Dave Mustaine’s a prick. He was in Metallica for what, less than two years, and he’s still whining about being kicked out? Fuck him.

  • chris

    I have to say that I am one of the few people who like Saint Anger.Yes it’s not Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightening but I don’t want just that, I want new music.I respect the effort of Metallica to produce music,specially after all the things that they were going through.So to all of you haters who say that they are corporate whores,screw you.
    Everybody wants to make money,that is how they make their living.I salute Metallica members James,Lars,Kirk and Robert to be able to do what they love and make a living out of it.