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He’s not the bleeding mesiah, he’s just a naughty naughty boy!

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Title: Life of Brian (DVD)
Monty Python

Criterion (Collection)

I will presume that most of you reading this review know of this movie; either as one of the funniest or the most blasphemous films ever made. (Some no doubt agree on both counts.) Instead, I will concentrate on what makes this, the Criterion Collection release worthwhile. First off, if you only have the movie on VHS or Laserdisc and wanted a DVD copy go buy this one now! For the rest of you, the extra features make this one of the best DVD releases I have ever seen. In addition to the film in widescreen, you get the complete documentary Pythons filmed during the making of the movie, five deleted scenes that are absolutely hilarious (and it’s obvious why they were deleted too), the theatrical trailer and four radio adverts plus two different commentaries accessible at any time in film (or deleted scenes). One set is done by Gilliam, Idle and Jones, the other by Cleese and Palin. Short of producing one of the cast members to watch the film with you in your living room, this DVD delivers all the goods one could expect. It is essential for any Python fan and damn near essential for anyone who likes clever comedy. Now all we need is for Meaning of Life to get the full treatment.

Marty Dodge 5/5

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