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He’s Just Not That Into You: Is Hollywood Discovering Honesty?

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The classic love story: boy meets girl, he pursues her, she plays hard to get, and in the end they confess their love for each other, get married, and live “happily ever after.” Game over. Marriage is the end of the chase and the beginning of life-long happiness. Right? Then why do all of the people in real life situations have struggles and fights even after marriage? Why is the dating process dramatic, frustrating and tiring? Ahh…perhaps Hollywood should finally fess up and tell us all the truth.

In He’s Just Not that Into You, the audience gets just that: a movie telling a series of stories about the differences in men and women within a relationship. The core story is about a girl who is always waiting for Mr. Right to call. She chases him, texts him, flirts with him—almost to the point of stalking.

At the end of the movie however, this woman, Gigi, realizes that the reason men aren’t pursuing her is that they don’t like her. It’s that simple. When she finally quits trying so hard she finds that what she ultimately wanted has been right in front of her, waiting for her to step back the whole time.

Throughout the movie, the audience sees several different scenarios. First we have Gigi who can’t understand why guys aren’t heavily pursuing her, and then we have Jeanine who finds out her husband is lying and cheating on her. Next is Mary who is fed up with technology interfering with her love life, and Beth who can’t get her boyfriend of seven years to propose to her.

All of the characters are brilliantly intertwined throughout the movie, each trying to help the other. However towards the middle of the movie Gigi, and the audience, begin to realize that it is just that—the story telling of other people—that confuses and frustrates relationships. Gigi explains it as the Exception/Rule Theory.

The overall message of the movie is not entirely happy, or entirely true, but close, very close. In the closing scene, Gigi explains that the happy endings women are taught to believe as children don’t always happen like we imagine. In fact, for some people the happy ending might just be moving on, or getting out of a dead-end relationship. The problem is that the movie fails to explain that the questions of life aren’t actually satisfied in the context of relationships. Life is far bigger than just that. However, Hollywood deserves props just for creating a movie with a new story line, and just for coming close to telling the whole truth.

The message of the movie in its entirety is much more realistic than the average happy-ending movie. He’s Just Not That Into You bluntly sends the signal that some relationships are just not meant to be, and that when we stop fighting nature, analyzing details, and wearing ourselves out over petty things, happiness of some sort will find us.

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