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He’s Getting Married In The Morning – tra la la…

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Well, he’s gone and done it! Prince Charles has announced that he’s marrying long term lurve interest Camilla Parker-Bowles in April. UK’s Sky News network have been soliciting the general public’s feelings on the marriage and they’ve been entertaining me all day long.

One girl stated that she was so depressed as all she has to look forward to is the marriage and a general election so she’s emigrating – while someone else stated that Charles and Camilla should suffer eternal damnation for making Diana’s life such a misery! Harsh words indeed, but many would agree.

Personally I think that everyone deserves a second chance (oooops, get off that fence Rhiannon)! Okay – personally I hope they have a very happy marriage and that Charles feels at least a little regret for any unhappiness Diana suffered as a direct result of being married to him. Is that better?!

I invite your thoughts…possibly you couldn’t care less, maybe you’re wondering who on earth I’m talking about, or alternatively you’re on the royal pay list and can give us some juicy gossip!

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  • salmoncatchingbear

    oh. dear. god.

    i appreciate that Diana was mis-treated, and i can see how she ended up having affairs, and that she was the wounded party, but for the love of god, she was NOT a saint. she was just a remarkable woman who did some good.

    re charles and camilla, i AM pleased that they are marrying for whatever meaning, but i neglected to point out that i AM annoyed that he will still be king.

    at the end of the day he would not be next in line if his great uncle hadnt had to abdicate for pretty much the same reason. he should not be on the throne, but what can anyone do about it?!

    remember henry viii? invented a whole new religion so he could divorce/behead/remarry at will?

    so yes, progression to throne=bad, but the marriage? let ’em get one with it!

  • Mr. Nalle, the succession thing — at least for now — still calls for Charles to succeed his mother.

    Judgmental bunch! True, Camilla is no prize, but let’s look back 30 years ago, shall we? The woman wasn’t a virgin — there was no way the royals would have allowed Charles to wed her. He knew it and so did Camilla. Duty trumped love.

    (IMO, if he had truly loved the woman, he would’ve said to hell with the crown and married her anyway — there was precedent for that and, in fact, that precedent led to Charles being in line for the throne.)

    In the end, he decided to listen to his parents and, in line with tradition, sign up for the death brigade. Camilla decided to move forward. And years later, she helped Charles woo a much-too-young virginal girl. The world bought into it.

    Now it is true that both should have stuck with the hands they were dealt. They didn’t. If there is blame to go around for generally abysmally immoral behavior and for mistreating Diana and the wee Parker Bowleses, both Charles and Camilla deserve it. (And a little bit goes to Mr. Parker Bowles too; he knew what was going on and permitted the affair between his wife and the prince to go on.)

    Two divorces and a death later, I don’t see the point of keeping them from marrying. Times have changed, Wills and Harry are going along with it, and Diana can no longer be hurt. I see no point in being overjoyed, but neither do I see one in continuing to castigate the couple. What’s done is done, and if there is a beyond, what went around will boomerang back.

    Britain and its holdings, IMO, would be wise to pitch the monarchy altogether and just watch Desperate Housewives instead.

  • I thought it had already been determined tht if Charles married Camilla the succession would be skipping him and going to the eldest of his sons.

    The sons, by the way, don’t seem to be as bad as you make out. Their mother seems to have infected them with a sense of some responsibility.


  • Elise Morgan

    On Camilla:

    This is a woman described as ‘sexually easy’ as a teenager, by a reputable Australian newspaper. Pardon the pun, but she put the ball into play with her provocative ‘how about it’ comment when she was around 16 years of age and history proves that she meant every word! Like a black widow spider, she sat quietly and patiently for years spinning her web around the future king of England until he was completely entwined, fool that he is. Casualties that have fallen along the wayside have not interested or concerned this woman in the least. We are aware of the pain she caused the royal children and their mother, but what of her own husband and children during these years? It seems pretty close to the truth to suggest that she has let nothing stand in her way and now the ‘holy grail’ is almost within her reach.

    On Charles:

    This man carefully selected and then married a healthy young woman some years his junior for the purpose some might cynically call ‘selective breeding.’ He then continued on, uninterrupted, with his well established liaison with a married woman, driving his wife to mental illness and to the circumstances which eventually led to her death. His lack of morality and his dishonesty over these events over several years is a matter of public record.

    He continues to reap huge financial dividends from his inherited wealth, properties and estates while the British taxpayer foots the bill for much of his security, travel expenses, entertainment, etc., and for his children. A billionaire and according to media reports, one whose wealth triples annually, many hundreds of thousands of his countrymen live on or below the poverty line. Yet he has the nerve to bleat that the British public don’t show him any compassion…

    His two sons are fast turning into a ‘chip off the old block’. One it seems has gained his popularity because he has inherited his late mother’s good looks; the other idiot really isn’t worth a mention.

    At the beginning of March 05, this petulant, greedy, dishonest, immoral future king of ours invited himself to visit my country of Australia for a 5-day junket. He took with him an entourage of 17 and you guessed it, the Aussie taxpayer footed the bill for what was said to be over a million dollars. We also have people here in poverty; our hospital system lurches from crisis to crisis from lack of funding and one can’t get a bed for love or money – that is of course unless one can be provided for you for zilch in the presidential suite of a top Aussie pub – rumoured at $3500 per night.

    Aussies don’t want this man. Aussies don’t want his girlfriend. Aussies probably don’t want his kids either. Time for Charles and the new missus and the two kids to get off the public tit, grab their millions and run – anywhere – as long as it’s somewhere far enough away so we don’t have to listen to more of this tacky royal soap opera – and as long as they don’t come to Australia to live…

  • Sandra Smallson

    I repeat, the whole thing is a nonsense. They can get married whenever and however they want but I can not abide this poppycock view of some about what a great love story it is. Yah. It’s quite a long relationship but as far as Love stories go, this is rubbish. This is the story of two selfish, arrogant, insensitive, unattractive people, who could have wed thirty years ago but chose to humiliate and hurt their respective spouses, not to mention their children, just to satisfy their mystifying desire for each other. They have now chosen to marry to stop the sniping and maintain their tax cuts. Bravo! Hurrah! Camilla Parker Bowles in the eyes of any sensible human being will remain chief concubine like her great grandmother before her and no engagement ring will change that. Moreover, it just shows to women that your most prized possession is a daughter. Imagine the state of affairs in 1997 if Diana had had a daughter. Would this be happening today, I wonder? If it did, there would be far more drama from the daughter’s perspective.

    Everyone is entitled to a second chance but Ms Bowles isn’t a woman Charles met after the untimely death of his first wife. She is the woman who caused most of the trouble in his marriage with him as an equal blame accomplice. Second chance? Spare a thought for the young naΓ―ve 18 year old who thought she’d married her Prince. She never stood a chance. Where was her first chance?! Where is her second chance? Death’s wicked blow took care of that.

    Am I happy that Charles and Camilla are finally making it official? Never. Not in a million years. I can not find it in my heart to be and I marvel at those that can. They can get married, be happy with friends and family but I don’t need the drivel from some quarters telling me about moving on, second chances and other such crap. There is nothing to move on from. Diana is dead. Does that mean that we should all now forget the history and think Camilla is the best thing since sliced bread? Spare me that bull shit. Applaud if you must but stop the preaching about second chances and true love stories etc. This is just the another sad chapter in a sordid rotten section of British Royal History and quite frankly, I doubt there will be much interest in the lives of the Prince and his concubine after the pomp and circumstance of the civil ceremony is over and done with. You will find, my darlings, they are as dull and sour as they look.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Nonsense. Thankfully, the old bat is past child bearing years and the world will not have to be subjected to the untold horror of what they would both reproduce.

    The fact is and remains, Camilla and Charles are no Romeo and Juliet. No one forced Camilla to marry Tom Parker Bowles. She and Charles met, became lovers..Charles went off to the Navy. She couldn’t wait for him. How come? If this love is so strong? Then Charles returns and she is married. He can’t marry a divorcee, his parents tell him. If the love was so great, why didn’t he remain unmarried, and she, get a divorce and they continue in sin as they have in recent years? Charles then goes and picks an 18 year old virgin, who is as naive as fuck and thinks she’s found her Prince. She should have heard the bells and whistles when on their engagement, he was asked “are you in-love, Prince? He says and I quote” uh..uh..well, yes, whatever that is” while the lovely unassuming Lady Di, smiled and blushed at his side having answered “of course” when asked the same question.

    Camilla acted like the old wise friend who would help Diana through the struggle of this new life. Little did Diana know that Camilla was sleeping with her husband all the time. Of course such a young girl would start to develop an inferiority complex. Of course Di would develop eating disorders and what have you. Her husband was off with Camilla on their WEDDING NIGHT for God’s sake. This is a confirmed fact though what he was doing with Camilla on said night is what is at dispute. Who cares?! The point is, you were not with your young bride on the wedding night and the honeymoon apartment looked more like a battleground than a love shack from all reports. Why on earth do you all think the woman developed so many self esteem problems? Who wouldn’t?!

    Still, she knew what her husband was up to. She said it over and over again. The Prince and his people labeled her paranoid and unstable. Diana is no Saint. She had her own affairs. I don’t think it’s any surprise that she would seek love wherever she thought she would find it. Her husband was never with her. Who can forget the picture of Diana sitting alone at the Taj Mahal on one of her wedding anniversaries because Charles could not be bothered to go with her. He was off shooting or playing count the wrinkles with battle axe Cammie. It was and is unfortunate.

    Eventually, Charles and Di got divorced. She carried on with her still unrivalled charitable works and grew into her own person. She was confident and happy. Still sought love in unlikely places, but she was happy within. She dies in a car crash which I still find a tad suspicious. 2 years later, Charles and Camilla make their first public appearance at an event. Camilla moves into Clarence House. Tax payers funding her existence. 3 weeks ago, they probe Charles’s tax cuts. Yesterday we get an announcement of wedding plans.

    Oh well! What can we say?! Thank goodness she will never be Queen or be referred to as the Princess of Wales. But doesn’t it just show the deep rooted fear and envy the Royal family felt towards Diana that her HRH title was stripped off her after the divorce, because she was a divorcee even though she was still the mother of the future King William..and now, a DIVORCEE will be referred to as HRH having married another divorcee. HA! Edward VIII had to abdicate to marry Wallis. Charles could and should have done the same. He has always been an arrogant,selfish man and this farce of a wedding is just another example of him wanting to have his cake and eat it too.

  • And the good thing about it is that the Scotts don’t have to worry about whether it’s King Charles III or King Charles IV, because after the wedding it’s off to exile and nowhere near the crown forever.


  • A good cartoon on the topic – bc readers will remember the Dubyaman cartoons I referenced a while back.

  • salmoncatchingbear

    i have to say that i am very happy that Charles and Camilla are going to marry. As someone who had a very unhappy marriage herself, and ended up having an affair long after the marriage was dead(at least in an irreversible coma), it’s lovely when it works out, like i hope mine will.

    i think the people who adored Diana, of which i am unashamedly one, for she was truly remarkable(although according to someone who drove her once “thick as pig shit”-harsh i think), she bought so many good causes to the fore, she bought the monarchy to the fore in good and bad ways, she put britain back on the map, and she died so tragically that i wept for her boys…. sorry, i digress! the people who loved Diana would have been ok with this if they had seen her remarry and be happy first. then they’d have laughed as Charles married the “horse”.

    but, charles TRULY loves her, he wanted her in the first place, wasnt allowed to marry her then, and i’m so please that they are doing it now. it’s just a shame they didnt do it 30 years ago, and saved Diana from her pain (i have a feeling she’d have ended up in Hello and Ok and the like anyway… if Paris Hilton and Jordan can then i think a beautiful socialite can…. think tara Palmer-Tomkinson!!).

    all in all, a good thing for the Prince and Camilla. very chuffed for them.

    Diana, let her rest in peace, all that matters is that her boys are happy, and they seem it…that’s all that ever mattered to her.

    Good Luck Charles!!

  • MMM… apple pie recipes.

    Personally, I wish them well. What happned to Diana was horrible, but I think Charles and Camilla will always be stigmatized for their terrible behavior and treatment of her. But life goes on and everyone deserves to find some modicum of happiness.

    And when you think of it, what a love story. Charles and Camilla’s love has survived 30 years, two horrid marriages, worldwide humiliation, and more. After all that, they are finally set to be legally wedded spouses. Can you get more romantic than that?

    But it makes me sad too: How different would things be if Charles hadn’t dicked around in his 20s and simply married Camilla then?

    I say wish ’em the best and let the past be.

  • Actually, what the hell am I saying? I’d much rather read this than half of the hateful stuff that ends up in the politics column.

    I think anything about the Hilton sisters should be labeled politics as well. Ditto porn stars, rappers and cookie and apple pie recipes.


  • Hardly politics? How can you say that? We British rate our royals far higher than our politicians!
    And yup, Camilla has kids.

  • this isn’t really politics is it.

    I’m happy for him. He’s going to be called all kinds of names by Diana lovers (the real and the fans).

    People connect on different levels. They’re connection is deeper and more meaningful. Although one is reminded of that tampon telephone exchange so perhaps I’m full of .. it.

  • Hardly news. It was bound to come sooner or later. Does Camilla have kids herself, does anyone happen to know. At least he waited until Diana was dead before proposing. And gave himself and boys time to grieve.

  • The acolytes of the Cult of Saint Diana were never going to like this.

    Personally I think Charles suffered as much from being married to Diana as she suffered from being married to him. They were completely incompatible from the start.

    In my opinion the one who deserves eternal torment is Prince Philip, who bullied his son into such an inappropriate marraige.

  • What a soul mate triangle! All the best to them… Diana has certainly moved on.

  • I guess we could all be grateful that Camilla is too old to bear Charles any children, yes?

  • Eric Olsen

    very magnanimous Rhiannon, thanks and welcome! Nicole Richie is engaged as well!