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Heroes for Bush Blogburst

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This past week The Truth Laid Bear has been promoting a “blogburst” where individual bloggers channel their favorite heroes of fiction and reality to state why those heroes are voting for President Bush. It’s called Heroes for Bush, and the response has been great: over 25 heroes have appeared on weblogs across the Blogosphere to endorse President Bush’s re-election thus far, including such widely diverse notables as King Henry V, The Tick, Captain James T. Kirk, Rhett Butler, and even Rin Tin Tin!

The effort continues through end-of-day Friday, November 22, so there is still time left to send in a submission if you so choose. Drop by, and check it out!

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  • Can’t find any real heoric or intelligent people to endorse your candidate?

    No problemo! Just put words into the mouths of fake or dead ones!

    Welcome, once again, to the postmodern presidency, where fact and fiction are indistinguishable…

  • andy marsh

    Man Winston…You sure took the fun out of this one!!!

    Don’t you “left” leaning folks have any sense of humor at all???

  • ummm….

    I feel a little like Scrooge now…

    Maybe I need a valium prescription until this election is over…

  • Greg

    Help is on the way….Hulk is for JFK in 04!


  • As I previously blogged, Klingons are for Kerry.

  • A real hero would vote for someone heroic. That ain’t Bush.

  • boomcrashbaby

    The Gibbering Mouther from the depths of Cthulu’s demon-spawned hell, supports Bush. As does part of the Axis of Evil.