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What is it about Hermione Granger that makes her so popular a topic in Harry Potter fan website posts? Sure, fans of Harry Potter all know she is one of Harry's best friends. Yes, we know she has spunk and bravery.

Some blogs give instructions on how to do a cross-stitch patterns of Hermione. Others have discussed why Ron and Hermione have been voted as one of our favorite fictional characters (perhaps it is all the bickering between Ron and Hermione that readers love?).

Other blog sites argued over whether Hermione cared more for Viktor or Ron. Hermione's love interests seems to be a favorite topic among bloggers.

One of the more interesting topics comes from women who have young daughters. They argue that they would be proud if their girls grew up to be like Hermione. So, perhaps it is Hermione's spunk and bravery that makes her so popular among bloggers.

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