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Hermione Granger is one of Harry Potter's closest friends, second only to Ron Weasley. She is smart, possibly the smartest witch in her class. She is confident. She's fearless. And she is bossy.

It could be these last two traits that make Hermione so popular among Harry Potter fan blog sites. Blogs love to write about her!

Some of the things bloggers have enjoyed writing about Hermione include:

– Her bravery, such as when she hit Malfoy in the face in book 3
– Her loyalty, such as how she stood by Harry when almost everyone else turned away from him
– Her misplaced sense of righteousness, such as when she created S.P.E.W. and planned on 'saving' House-Elves from lives of slavery

Hermione Granger has given young girls all over the world a positive role model, which may be one of the reasons she has proven to be such a popularly discussed character from the Harry Potter stories.

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