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An Herbal colon cleanse works by stimulating the colon and helping it rid the body of waste and harmful toxins. On a daily basis, the body takes in unhealthy foods such as saturated fats, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and preservatives which harm the body and cause sluggish bowel movements.

A detox diet includes the intake of fresh fruits such as berries and bananas and fresh vegetables such as spinach and peas. It also includes eating fiber rich foods such as whole grains and nuts and drinking plenty of pure water every day to help restore balance and help the body produce better bowel movements.

A healthy diet will also help the body cleanse itself of impurities that cause digestive problems such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and flatulence. With a natural herbal cleanse, the colon will be will be given a great boost that will help with stubborn digestive problems.

There are a variety herbs that work to stimulate the colon such as, Ginger, Barberry and Senna. Psyllium helps rid bile from the liver and gall bladder. Fennel and Garlic are also very helpful at eliminating harmful bacteria and parasites from the body. An herbal cleansing diet is very effective, but it should only be done on occasion.

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