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I’m not good at remembering when holidays are coming up. That’s why I’m lucky that there are always commercials on TV around the time of the holiday that remind me. Like around Father’s Day stores will start to advertise their Father’s Day sale. Or maybe you’ll see a commercial for a certain product saying to buy it and “make this Mother’s Day special.” I always see this and think, “Ohhh right, Mother’s Day is this week, I almost forgot.”

But… I’ve noticed that they only do this for the big well known holidays. I wish these commercials could be even more specific. Like, for the birthday’s of people I know. “Make Tim’s birthday special this year.” Ohhh right, it’s Tim’s birthday this week. “Make your brother’s 18th birthday one that he will remember forever.” Ohhh yeah, he turns 18 in two days. “Our ‘Your Grandma’s 90th Birthday Sale’ starts Friday!” Damn that’s right… thank god for these commercials.

I think I want to be a comedian.

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  • RJ

    Me, I write all that important personal info down on a new wall calendar each January 1st.

    (I wonder of the ACLU wall calendar has a little notation in the space for December 25th that explains what that day signifies to most Americans? I doubt it…)