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Help! I Think I’m Being Scammed

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I Sense a Plot-Physically, Mentally and Psychologically.

Ice Hockey

Okay, I’ve written often enough about how (poor me!) I’m house-bound, and how I have to use a voice-recognition device to be able to “write; but this is the limit! Somehow, someone managed to plonk a penalty on Canuck’s hockey-player, Daniel Sedin, so – with my favorite team no longer in the playoffs, what am I supposed to watch until next season?

Recent Provincial Election in British Columbia

Then, while I admit that I was getting very tired of having to see the seemingly endless plugs and photos of candidates on the radio, TV and newspapers, the election was finally conducted, some nights ago  – But, guess what? Although the party I chose won the election, the only candidate I supported did not get a seat in the legislature! The fact that she was the leader of the winning party still did not guarantee her a seat in the legislature!

General Hospital!

Okay, I admit to watching a soap! Soon after arriving in Canada, I injured my back and was confined to bed for nearly three months, and would probably have had a nervous breakdown from boredom if the wonderful people with whom I worked in Calgary had not brought me a small TV set, turned it on as a demonstration, and happened to click onto General Hospital, thus making me a loyal viewer ever since.  But now, NO MORE!

Who writes that junk, lately? It was bad enough having to sit through the 50-year anniversary – with plots contrived to enable the producers to bring back, temporarily, many of the stars of yesterday. Weak plots – but at least a relief from vampires and other nonsensical, characters that reigned supreme for a while.

The Piece de Resistance!

People we watched long ago keep re-appearing, but with different names and roles. This is contrived by introducing them as siblings of the long-lost ones, which makes me wonder, “Are those perhaps people who were “let go” and now have to to be brought back as relatives of themselves in order to sort out the mess? And how is it possible that Michael’s former, blonde sweetheart, now comes on the scene with black hair and – as the girlfriend of his brother?”

Today was the last straw! When no priest or marriage-officer was available to marry ‘Scotty’ and ‘Laura,’ it suddenly transpired that the bride’s mother was a  an ordained, modern-day wickan witch, a registered wickan marriage office, and the wedding proceeded!

Stop the world – I want to get off!

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