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Hello World: Meeting AMIT

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By having mastered the aesthetic and creativity behind great music, Kuwaiti-born AMIT is already making some serious waves in the world of enchanting, blissful pop. With his upcoming EP, Hello World, set to drop on October 14 and a Live Art and Music Show set for NYC at Le Poisson Rouge on September 26, this talented artist is getting set to unleash his brand of joyful noise on a public in need.

I had an opportunity to sit down and chat with AMIT recently and discovered an artist with visual sensibility, a sense of humour, and an affinity for great film composers.

Part Canadian, part Mexican, fully Indian, AMIT multi-ethnic stylings are a breath of fresh air. Having traveled the world searching for the perfect beat, he was in Vienna when I was able to catch up with him.

After discussing Vienna briefly and running the risk of having the conversation turn to Grow-Op 101, we got down to the serious business at hand and began to discuss the Hello World EP.

“When is the EP due out?” I asked.

“As soon as I finish it,” he said with a laugh and a wink. AMIT’s sense of humour was always apparent. “Goal is to finish it by the end of the month. My mixer is out in Vancouver, actually, and we’re kinda working iChat style.” He added that he was in Vienna for a change of scenery.

After checking out some of his tracks on MySpace, I noted the “label” or genre that his music was covered under: “happy hardcore.”

“Freakin’ MySpace genres,” he said. “The genre of the album is really the mood and the mood is ridiculously happy. So I have more freedom to bring in elements from hip-hop, ska, probably some Indian classical, and samba.”

“Happy hardcore” sounds pretty damn close to me.

“It’s not good to be handcuffed by genres,” I ventured. “I love shit that switches it up.”
“Yeah, lately I’ve been into making disjointed music, kinda mash-up style but all the same song,” he replied.

The conversation headed in the direction of influences after a quick detour through personal interests. One of the most evident things about AMIT is his laid-back, informal style. I asked him what he typically listened to.

“Well, lately just old stuff,” he replied. “Mainly from the 60s. Something in that period is striking a chord with me right now. Definitely bringing it into my own. I’m just listening to music that was produced from all over the world in that era because everyone influenced each other, so you have connections.”

I ask him for some recommendations.

“Jamaica in the 60s was hot, also a lot of film music,” he said. “Henry Mancini.”

With the mention of film composers, we turned our discussion to movies and AMIT began to describe his goals of integrating film covers into his live shows and moving into the art of film directing. He described an idea for a movie he has planned: “Actually, one that I’ve been putting together is a superhero meets Bollywood meets Scarface type deal.”

The Le Poisson Rouge show, coming up on September 26, should really draw into AMIT’s visual style. It is an event like few others, with AMIT and 11 of New York’s most talented artists digging into a show that will include live artists painting backdrops while the DJs spin tracks in the ultimate battle.

After continuing to discuss film, AMIT’s vision for his career becomes clear. His potential as an artist is staggering, as his attention to detail, exploration of varying styles, and visual sense makes him the penultimate artist.

He’s the real fucking deal.

Hello World is on its way with an October 14 release date. Slated to bring a big, jovial dose of optimism and “happy hardcore” to a world in dire need of both, AMIT’s new release will be a stunner.

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  • smartie_pants

    amit sounds dope!
    is it a-mit or a-meet?

  • Bob S

    I very much doubt Myspace know what “happy hardcore” music really is and has only contributed to the word’s undeserved growth. It meant a number of things (the wikipedia article is so far very poor indeed), though today is considered a deprecated word that’s no longer used as the specific music is dead. Seems to only exist as an Americanism. Head to this site for these sort of things as that’s the only true haunt for this type of music and people old enough to remember.