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Jack Cluth snipes at our navy.

Aussie sailors’ drunken romp
Yes, Australia, these fine specimens are responsible for your safety and security, but, hey- boys will be boys, right??

They surely will, even Yanks in Australia:

Thousands of United States marines and sailors have taken a detour on their way home from the Iraqi war, arriving in Sydney with a far simpler mission than finding weapons of mass destruction – to drink the town dry. […]Major Bob Strong, 37, who was flown here a week ago to do a “reconnaissance” of the nightlife, said The Rocks was his top pick.
“I’ve been up till two or three in the morning, visiting the pubs, doing my research…
“Oxford Street is a great place, even though it’s got the, um, alternative lifestyles.”

You mean the “don’t ask don’t tell” crowd, Bob? We got lots of those. Just be careful how good a time y’all have while you’re on this research trip, OK? Watch out what clubs you go into or else you might find yourself having more alternative fun than you expected…

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