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As Douglas Coupland says, all families are psychotic. Over at Raising Hell, we are proud to share those dysfunctional moments with you.

Raising Hell : a new genre in parenting, relaunches Monday morning with an exciting new look from Sekimori Design, a couple of new authors, and a slew of new content.

For those not familiar with the site, here’s a little blurb from when it was Yahoo! Pick of the Week (May 12, 2001):

This isn’t an advice rag, and it won’t tell you what your baby should be doing at three months or two years. Instead, the writers present new twists on parenting with liberal doses of wry humor that even singletons will enjoy. In the storytime area, meet the Unfortunate Little Boy who doesn’t eat his vegetables or take naps and learns the dire consequences of such inaction. In the main journal, you’ll find a devastating critique of playground politics, an illustration of the prophetic powers of parenthood, and musings on an idyllic morning with the kids. As one of the writers says, “It’s about bad parenting and good parenting and the gray area between.”

We’ve brought you classics such as Don’t Pee in the Millenium Falcon, which was reprinted in Macros2000, Vomiting Daisies and The Absolutely Wrong Way to Discuss Sex With Your Child.

The grand opening should take place somewhere around 8:00am EST. We are inviting you all to stop by, pull up a chair and do a little reading. Along with the old favorites like The Bug, you will find new strange, embarassing and funny stories about children. Oh, don’t worry, the bodily functions stories you all loved so much will still be there; fart jokes, puking kids..we have it all. Our kids had a whole summer to take part in emabarassing situations and being the good, upstanding parents we are, we videotaped and/or took notes on every single one of them just so you can be entertained.

As always, there will be storytime (remember the Unfortunate Little Boy?), soul-searching questions (who has the most evil child?) and contests galore (the winning entry in the Mother’s Day contest contained the line Mom used to walk us downstairs to look at the dead babies in the caskets. She’d say, “Aren’t they cute? Don’t they look like little dolls?).

Even if you don’t have kids, even if you despise children, how can you not like a parenting site that has stories that begin with “Mommy, what’s a blowjob?”

So come on by on Monday morning and see what the new, improved Raising Hell has in store for you.

disclaimer: the author of this post is a co-founder of Raising Hell.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Best of luck Michele – remember, home is where the fart is.