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As expected, Apple delivered iTunes for Windows today. They threw in a few other things, too: iTMS 2.0 (with gift certificates, allowances, audiobooks, and several other new features), a Pepsi promotion that will give away a million free songs next year (long live Pepsi!), iPod accessories like a voice recorder and speakers and a media reader for storing photos, and oh yeah: iTunes will now be built into AOL.

There’s plenty more. 200 indie labels are signed up and there will be 400,000 tracks available by the end of the month. And on and on. Our very own Steve Rhodes was planning to attend, I’m sure his report will have more details.

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  • I seem to be really slow. I was excited about iTMS/Win for hours before I realized that I could download it onto my pc here at work.

    And it wasn’t until today that I realized that I could also download it onto my windows box at home and share music between them. That is, I know it in an intellectual sense, but hadn’t bothered to personalize the knowledge.

    Must be because I went without Pepsi for two days. I had some this morning, though, so I’m thinking clearly again. 😉

  • Thats right, NOT Coke :p

    I have my Mac and PC sharing playlists, a very nice feature, with no setup what so ever (but then what do you expect, its Apple).

    I am amazed and impressed at the number of new features. This is a very strong argument for Windows users to use the iTMS.

  • And you can now share your music between a mac and a windows machine (up to a total of 3).

    I have to run to a press screening, but I’ll post more Friday.

  • See, I wasn’t there, and I relied on an apparently unreliable source. Apple and Pepsi will be giving away 100 million songs next year, in February and March, not just one million as I reported earlier. Oops!

    BTW, Thanks to today’s release of iTunes for Windows, I now remember why it was that I stopped listening to music at work. That problem is now solved, and fortunately, I hadn’t moved all of my music to my iMac.