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Now that we found love
what are we gonna do
With it?

man oh man oh man! Saw a clip of Heavy D and the Boyz doing that song last night. That is one of those songs that takes my full attention.

The beat, the hooks just get me. I think he’s very good.

And he spits out those lyrics like nothing, he just slams them out and moves on before you’ve even figured out what he did.

I have that CD somewhere, I’m gonna have to find it.

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  • cephusj

    You just took it back.

  • Heavy D did have hits that weren’t based on other peoples hits.

  • You know, sometimes i’ll be listening to an oldies or a classics station, and I’ll hear the original of a song that I thought was an original already.

    You have to do some homework sometimes to know which ones are re-mixes!

    Really, some of the remixes are worthwhile re-interpretations. Like doing a song again in your own way, the jazz tradition.

    Originality is the highest goal, though.


  • Is he still around? Where’d you see this on TV? Was it recent? Maybe you got an old re-run of Showtime at the Apollo or something.

    That song was like 15 years ago. I remember it from when I was a little BABsie. We nicknamed one of my lil homeys “Medium D” for some reason and thought that was really funny, but he never liked it.

    Best lyrics ever, especially the classic line “What’s it gonna be, me or TV?”

    Now That We’ve Found Love
    Heavy D. And The Boyz

    Now that we’ve found found love
    What are we gonna do with it. (x2

    One two, tell me what you got
    Let me slip my quarters inside your slot to hit the jackpot
    Rev me up Rev me up
    My little buttercup
    We can tug sheets snuggle up and get stuck
    Believe it or not
    Here comes the brother with glow
    A strugglin’, Bubblin’ overweight lover hurt prone
    So what’s it gonna be
    Me or the TV
    Now let me take time to set your mind and your body free
    So why don’t you just stretch
    Stretch for a sec.

    Shake me, Shake me
    Baby Baby bake me
    No need to fake here I am
    Come on and take me
    Wind your body
    Baby move your body
    I see you slip sliding
    Come on now do it hottie
    I’m not quite sure as to what is going down
    But I’m feeling Hunky Dory
    ’bout this thing that I found

    (CHORUS X2)

    I dig the way you wiggle
    You don’t jiggle
    Once you jiggle
    So hand over your love
    Cause it’s heavier
    Than it’ll
    Move like a Mover
    Sye wanted to groove
    So I grooved her
    Then she wanted to learn
    So we’d be schoolin’
    So I schooled her
    (Mary had a little lamb)
    But not like this
    We can waltz and turn
    Rumble tumble and twist
    Then you think you gonna give in
    Phantasies relivin’
    So lay down and relax
    Lover my lady
    Lady love of my baby girl
    Spread your wings
    So we can fly around the world

    When you drop me kisses
    You’re so cute you drop the bomb on me
    Stretch it
    Stretch it
    Flex it
    Flex it
    Gimme the permission
    Okey, Dokey
    I’ll bless ya
    Blessin’ like buddha
    Buddha as the bless
    You can lay down on the Lover
    Put your head on my chest

    (CHORUS X2)

    What can we do
    What are we gonna do
    Roses are red and Violets are blue
    Love is good and plenty
    If you get plenty good lovin’

    Do me right
    Do me right
    My lonesome dove
    Tell me one more time
    What is this thing called love
    I’m not quite sure
    As to what is going down
    But I’m feelin’ Hunkey Dory
    ‘Bout this thing that I found

  • OCD Sanchez

    Heavy D perished in a plane crash, yo. Near Grand Junction, CO. RIP HD! You were loved but not forgotten!

  • Wow. Brings me back. Was just listenin 2 Soul 4 Real w/my roomie- my ma found the cd in her garage and brought it over LOL Which brought about a conversation about Heavy D being the producer of their album, and I had to prove to him that he had, in fact, passed away. But I still jam out to the old school now and then!

  • lovelyLady

    All of this information about his death is incorrect. Heavy D died today 11/8/11 I’m not sure how yet, but he just died at the age of 44, really unfortunate.

  • Andrew Weitz of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment confirmed the rapper’s death in Los Angeles in an email Tuesday, without giving a cause of death or saying where he died. Weitz declined to provide further details on Heavy D’s death.