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When I began to watch this movie on DVD, my heart leaped with anticipation when the opening credits came on: written by Krzystof Kieslowski! I hadn’t known this when I put it on my “To See” list [which at the moment consists of "Derrida", "Winged Migration", and "The Swimming Pool"]. It turns out this was the last screenplay written by the great Polish writer/director before his death at age 59 in 1994. “Red”, from his “Red”, “White”, and “Blue” trilogy is among my all-time favorite films; in fact, I’m going to amazon to buy it on DVD as soon as I’m done with this post, now that I think of it.

Anyhow, “Heaven.” It’s a superb film. Suspenseful and beautiful. For the first time ever, I even watched some of the “Special Features” on the DVD, namely the deleted scenes, the interview with the director (Tom Tykwer), and the (beginning of the) film with the director’s voice-over commentary. Boy, what a great learning tool for someone who wants to be a director, to hear the director comment on his film as it plays: fascinating!

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  • Perry Perdis

    I’m also a great fan of Kieslowski.
    I still have a VHS copy of “White” in my collection, unfortunately it’s getting alot of drop outs from the many viewings. I think i’ll follow your example and get all 3 on DVD.