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Heated Rug

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They’re made in Canada, but in that peculiar way things have of turning out differently than you expected — sort of like your life, now that you think about it — they’re selling like hotcakes in… California.

“We’ve not sold one in Canada,” said Micah Grinstead, co-founder of Radiate Research of Ontario, the rug’s manufacturer.

He added, “I don’t understand it, but I’m happy.”

If Micah ever happens to take a trip out to his prime market, he’ll find that his rugs are being used on patios and decks, where Californians spend a lot of time.

Nothing nicer when you get out of your hot tub than standing on a toasty rug.

The rugs, made of washable viscose, come in two sizes: 27″ x 43″ and 27″ x 86″.

The low–voltage heating system is contained in a non-skid pouch under the rug.

Here’s a link to Maria Puente’s story on the rugs, from this past Friday’s USA Today.

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