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Heat on the Street: Black Power Politics Makes a Nasty Comeback

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From the inner bowels of the darkest and loneliest neighborhoods of Philadelphia, something horrid has emerged. It is a movement thought to be long forgotten with the exception of a few activists on the leftist revolutionary fringe and will stop at nothing to destroy the American Way of Life.

It is the militant New Black Panther Party. After decades of relegation to the worst of America’s ghettos, it is now ready to return to the public eye and spread its message of black superiority-inspired Marxism.

At the center of this unfortunate resurgence is none other than Eric Holder, the highly esteemed Attorney General of the United States. He opened a Pandora’s box last year, apparently, after issuing a directive which effectively forced his underlings to cease investigating any and all black-on-white civil rights violations. This presented the Black Panthers with the opportunity of a lifetime — the ability to do virtually whatever they wished in order to get their word out.

Wasting no time in taking advantage of the New Sheriff in Town’s good will, King Shamir Shabazz, the head of the City of Brotherly Love’s chapter of the Black Panthers, promptly took to a crowded sidewalk and voiced his opinion that African Americans are “gonna have to kill some crackers” in order to achieve freedom. He also said that black men who date white women are “at a doomsday”.

By far the most shocking of King Shamir’s statements, however, was the one in which he advocated the mass genocide of white people. Specifically, he argued for the elimination of whites by killing off “some of their babies”. He finished his sick tangent by proclaiming that now is the time for African Americans to “wake up, clean up and act up”. This, of course, was followed by an inevitable series of “Black Power” screams.

Last Saturday night, Geraldo Rivera interviewed national Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz on his FOX News program, asking the Panther-in-Chief specifically about King Shamir’s statements. Malik Zulu refused to denounce his comrade’s personal character, standing by him without pause. He also proclaimed that the New Black Panther Party is a strictly nonviolent organization and dedicated to only peaceful political activities.

Using Malik Zulu’s logic, I could easily come to the conclusion that George W. Bush is really the antichrist and that Barack Obama’s true birthplace lies somewhere in the middle of a Kenyan jungle.

In my opinion, the saddest thing about all of this insanity is that it is going mainstream. Though some may wish to stick their heads in the proverbial sand and think otherwise, the Black Power Movement has made a genuine comeback and will likely not be going away anytime soon. It will not be long before the skinheads and KKKlowns in the White Power Movement come out of the woodwork and preach their demented vitriol in retaliation.

When that happens, our country will experience the worst kind of war their is.

A race war.

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  • John Wilson

    Old Black Panther guys have been quoted recently that their old COINTELPRO nemeses from the 60s and 70s have been knocking at their doors!

  • Hi B!

    Great comment.

    I’m for the mud people… it’s true, pure blood is not the healthiest or most intelligent substance to own.


  • Was that something on the order of an argument from “the counterfactual”?

    I must admit I still haven’t quite grasped the concept.

  • John Wilson (#23), you write: “If the Black Panthers are making a comeback can COINTELPRO be far behind?” The keyword there is If. Do you have any reason to believe that the Black Panthers are making a comeback?

    In my comment #1 to this thread, I asked Joseph Cotto to direct me to a source for his assertion that “the Black Power Movement has made a genuine comeback.” I’m still waiting. Good thing I haven’t been holding my breath.

    So let me ask you the same question, Mr. Wilson. Are the Black Panthers making a comeback? And how do you know?

    Your own rhetorical question could easily be turned around. If the Black Panthers are not making a comeback, then COINTELPRO is a thing of the past. Both your initial question and my paraphrase of it are equally vapid.

  • Les Slater

    COINTELPRO, by whatever name, names or shape it morphed into, has never gone away. It’s just been laying low for a while.

  • John Wilson

    If the Black Panthers are making a comeback can COINTELPRO be far behind?

    Apparently COINTELPRO is now part of “Homeland Security” (what a charmingly Prussian name!) since the old Black Panthers, who are now in their 60s and 70s and often retired from jobs such as city landscapers and gardeners, report that the same detectives who were beating them up 40 years ago are now knocking on their doors as part of some investigation!

  • Zedd


    You are clearly shallow.

  • Zedd

    Thanks Alan.

    I guess what was confusing me is the lack of evidence and the clear detachment that this author must have from our reality.

    In THESE united states, this guy actually believes that this administration imagines itself to be so immune from public scrutiny that anyone would or could issue such a directive.

    The assumption has to be that Holder and maybe the President are not just stupid but dumb or crazy.


    Cotto is not just stupid but dumb and maybe even a little crazy.

    Has to be one or the other.

  • Zedd (#18), you’re not missing much. Joseph Cotto claims that Attorney General Eric Holder “issued a directive which effectively forced his underlings to cease investigating any and all black-on-white civil rights violations. This presented the Black Panthers with the opportunity of a lifetime–the ability to do virtually whatever they wished in order to get their word out.”

    Cotto bases this on The Washington Times editorial charging that the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division “has adopted a policy of refusing to enforce civil rights laws on behalf of whites victimized by minority perpetrators.” The editorial cites as an example “the voter-intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party,” which The Washington Times contends Holder dropped because of favoritism towards African Americans and a personal bias against whites.

  • “déclassé interaction with us hoi polloi”

    Gotta remember to use that when the occasion fits. But then again, I would be aping you, Alan. One’s got to come up with their own figures of speech.

  • Zedd

    Thanks Alan

    I read linked article. Still missing it. Maybe you can help me out.

    What am I missing.

  • Look out Whitey. The Blacks are commin to get you. They’re gonna rape your women and steal you’re big screen TVs.

    Heaven forbid that the likes of Shirley Sherrod should harbor any ill feelings against whites. Just because her father was murdered by a white man who was never brought to justice, and that she came of age while Jim Crowe still held sway.

    She DID in fact, overcome her prejudice. But the right wing nutballs – many of them writing and commenting here at BC – are allowing their fear and hatred to boil over.

    The actions of a couple of black racist assholes in Philadelphia are, in the terrified minds of some of you wingnuts, the harbinger of an all out race war. What a load of crap.

    The right wingnut mantra is essentially that if anything – and I mean anything – bad happens, whether its widespread famine or you burn your shirt with the iron – it’s Obama’s fault. Turn every damn thing around so Obama is the bad guy. It’s Obama who is the racist, or the fascist, or the commie. Not any of you good god fearin’ christian white folk. No sir!

    And in the end, for many, it’s not about race. It’s about votes. Scare enough of the nutball tea party idiots with racial nighmares, and they’ll scramble to the polls to rid our nation of the evil dark lord.

    Bunch of cretinous buttheads!

    The best thing that can happen to human beings is that all of the races essentially disappear – that we ALL become “Mud People.”


  • Zedd (#14), it’ll be a cold day in Hell before Joseph Cotto responds to a comment or question on one of his articles. He’s above such déclassé interaction with us hoi polloi. So let me clear up the mystery. The hyperlink associated with “opened a Pandora’s box” following Cotto’s snide reference Attorney General Eric Holder is corrupt. Instead, try this one, which illustrates the racist paranoia that Joseph Cotto espouses.

  • Zedd

    Ohhhh a Black nut said something nutty so we are supposed to feel something deeply, I guess? Still lost.

  • Zedd

    Did I miss something? What is this article about? How does the Attorney General fit ing? What is the point?

    All I got is that a member of a fringe organization said that white babies should be killed.

    So basically a nut said samething nutty. Now what does that have to do with anything?

  • Christian

    Hi Ruvy! We’ve talked before.

    “Joseph Cotto’s fears of a race war may be justified. It all depends on what happens when your economy starts to crumble. But instead of reading white apologists commenting here, I’d really like to see black commenters here condemning both the Nation of Islam for its Jew-hatred, and these New Black Panthers for calling for murder.”

    I vehemently CONDEMN both the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers. These people are ridiculous.

    I’ve never had any problems with regards to race. I went to the same schools my white friends did. I got the same treatment. I’ve never had to think about race. I’ve never had to worry about lynch mobs. And I’ve never had trouble finding work because of race.

    The people who scare me aren’t whites but “niggas”. The people I’ve had problems with arn’t whites – but thugs of the same skin color. These NBP thugs are my enemy. I can’t be any more clear than that. They work against the goals of the great Martin Luther King Jr, and against the will & desires of every ethnicity in this country.

    Most people want to get along these days. We have jobs. We have family. We have dreams. These thugs? They just want to blow stuff up and kill people.

  • Dan

    Actually Adam, the tape of them menacing whites attempting to vote– that DOJ racist Eric Holder gave them a pass for– is almost 2 years old. Another tape of king simpleton ranting about “kill they cracker babies” is more recent I think.

    I love the new black panthers. But only for the theater. they are idiots, but they demonstrate exactly the double standard of racial privilege that is so perverted in the national narrative.

  • Adam Ash

    The New Black Panther Party contains no fewer than two dozen members and is a hyped-up media creation of Faux News in their constant scary political narrative of “hey, white people, black people are here to take away what’s yours.” The tape that Faux News keeps running of these nutsoids is two years old.

    Mr Cotto, you’re either one of the dupes of Faux News, or one of its political liars. In other words, you’re either really dumb or really deceptive. Which one is it?

    Adam Ash

  • Ruvy

    You’re right, Alan (#8), right on the money. That’s what my data says also.

  • Dick Sicario Las Vegas. NV

    The real war will come when the blacks & muslims start fighting over whats left of America. That’s if they can survive the Latino drug lords.

  • Ruvy (#2), there’s nothing new about the Nation of Islam being courted by the KKK. Back in the ’60s, Malcom X appeared at a rally with George Lincoln Rockwell, Führer of the American Nazi Party. When Rockwell rose to speak, the auditorium crowded with Black Muslims gave him what Malcolm wittily noted was the biggest round of applause Rockwell would ever get anywhere. Malcolm and Rockwell were simpatico because they both advocated separation of the races.

  • kinte allah

    I love the New Black Panther Party!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill B

    re #3 – right I believe this started while Bush was in office as well – thus rendering Mr. Cotto’s Holder chronology seriously out of order.

    Not to mention the proof of said directive – sorry but the testimony of supposed second hand knowledge by Adams isn’t gonna cut it.

  • Bill B

    Oh, but are you not the one who spouts off knee jerk junk and then disappears – until the next spewing of knee jerk junk?

  • Bill B

    More claptrap about nothing but about a dozen racists (NBPP) who should be a blip on the radar – other than the insane lengths right wingers will go to –

    Mr. Cotto – please google ‘Abigail Thernstrom’ and get back to us…

  • the third paragraph of your article proves your lack of knowledge in this entire subject. This is what happens when uninformed individuals try and do social commentary. Mr. Cotto, you fail epically.

  • Alan, there are enough YouTube videos with this wonderful feller calling fer a white genocide. What is really interesting is that while these hotheads call for killing whites, the Nation of Islam is being courted by the KKK and other white racist groups that would normally be seen as wanting to kill off blacks.

    Joseph Cotto’s fears of a race war may be justified. It all depends on what happens when your economy starts to crumble. But instead of reading white apologists commenting here, I’d really like to see black commenters here condemning both the Nation of Islam for its Jew-hatred, and these New Black Panthers for calling for murder.

    I’m not holding my breath. Chris Rose will be along a lot faster, condemning me for daring to comment here. Oh well, that’s life.

  • Joseph Cotto, I wish you’d included a supporting hyperlink for your statement that “the Black Power Movement has made a genuine comeback.” I realize the first words in that paragraph are “In my opinion,” but even so you ought to have documented such a sweeping assertion. Can you direct me to a source?

    If you have drawn this overbroad conclusion based on the high-profile antics of the New Black Panther Party, be advised that the NBPP is a miniscule hate group and does not represent the Black Power Movement. To the contrary, founders of the original BPP have slammed the NBPP in no uncertain terms. Take for instance: “As guardian of the true history of the Black Panther Party, the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation, which includes former leading members of the Party, denounces this group’s exploitation of the Party’s name and history. Failing to find its own legitimacy in the black community, this band would graft the Party’s name upon itself, which we condemn.”

    Interviewed by CNN on July 8, 2010, Bobby Seale called the NBPP’s rhetoric “xenophobic” and rebuked their public statements as “absurd.”

    No matter how much the right-wing media such as Fox News plays them up for ratings, the NBPP by itself does not constitute a “genuine comeback” of the Black Power Movement. Your opinions would carry more weight if you’d substantiate them.