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Heart: A Lovemonger’s Christmas

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Once the female equivalent to Led Zeppelin, Heart is back in 2004 spreading some yuletide fun on A Lovemonger’s Christmas, the band’s second release this year, after Jupiter’s Darling in June.

Both albums mark quite a comeback for Heart, being their first releases since 1993′s Desire Walks On. A Lovemonger’s Christmas proves that, as expected, the band make better screamers than carolers.

Much of the album’s content (“Here is Christmas,” “How Beautiful,” “It’s Christmas Time”) focusing more on Savior than Santa, comes out as powerballady as one might expect from a band that gave us “Barracuda,” “Crazy on You,” and “Magic Man.” The album’s better played out rendition, “Balulalow,” barely runs over a minute.

Fortunately the catchy “Christmas Waits” and bluesy “Let’s Stay In,” both penned by the Wilsons, make the album’s listen worthwhile. But considering the overall cheesiness of pop Christmas albums in general, A Lovemonger’s Christmas is right on the market for all those adult contemporary fans.

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  • Douglas Mays

    Uh, Dreamboat Annie (1975). Well, 1990s if counting re-releases or something.

    Anyway, Heart, the classiest ladies of rocknroll. They do and say what they want. Successful, never sold out. kudos.

  • Temple Stark


    I threw this up on

    If you are committed to good “first draft” you might want to look over the copy on and see the small changes – and sometimes big changes. The big changes are almost always done for space, however. NB: I’m posting this message to all reviews, not singling you out at all. :-)

    I’ve got an urge to listen to some Heart now. Weren’t the Lovemongers a side-project?

  • Crystal is illiterate

    Crystal Erickson is illiterate. Please stop her before she kills again.