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Health Care Protester Loses Finger for His Cause

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This week the sporadic violence at protests over health care reform took on a new dimension when a Southern California man who was protesting against health care legislation had his finger bitten off by a health care supporter.

The scene of the maiming was a MoveOn.org rally in Ventura County where about 100 health care supporters took one side of the street and about 25 counter-protesters took a position on the other side of the street. One of the MoveOn.org group apparently became enraged, rushed across the street and confronted a group of three counter-protesters, calling them “idiots.” A scuffle ensued in which 65 year-old Bill Rice took a couple of swings at the contentious health care reform supporter. The second blow connected, Rice’s pinky ended up in the man’s mouth and half of it was bitten off, after which the sharp-toothed activist fled.

Rice went to the local hospital where they were unable to reattach the severed finger because it was contaminated with bacteria from the biter’s mouth. Ironically, Rice’s treatment was paid for by Medicare. The Ventura County Sheriff’s office is still looking for the other man.

When interviewed on FoxNews this afternoon, Rice echoed the views of many health care reform opponents, pointing out that violence was not the answer and that health care isn’t the primary source of the outrage sweeping the nation. He said:

“I don’t think that this has anything to do with health care. I think that this is something much more devious than health care. I think that health care is how we are being diverted while the government grabs what’s left of our freedom away from us.”

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  • I long for the days when I got all my news from A Current Affair and National Enquirer Today. Now, those were journalism shows.

    P.S. I do like MSNBC for 4 reasons, Joe Scarborough, I worship the water he walks on. Chris Matthews – he’s just such a simple little Philly guy who tries hard and it’s fun to watch him stick his foot in his mouth. Keith Olbermann — only for the theatrics. He’s Perez Hilton trapped in a ‘straight’ man’s body. And, finally, for Rachel Maddow. She’s my ultimate fantasy woman.

  • Cannonshop

    14: No, Silas, that’s the audience for “Air America” radio. Fox viewers are just like MSNBC viewers-but on the opposite end of the political spectrum. (Probably why they dislike one another so much. Kind of a ‘cubs vs. sox fans’ vibe.)

    ON-topic, though…

    Yup, things have degenerated to the point of playground behaviour among adults. By next month, the ‘outrage’ will be over and we’ll be enduring another celebrity-beaver-flash wardrobe malfunction on all the news channels.

  • These guys were on the scene, broke it and have a good description of what happened as well as pictures:


  • And all this time I thought FOX viewership required that one be too intellectually deficient to even qualify for Special Olympics.

  • zingzing

    aww, yer funny, dave! and so damn clever. see how you turned it around on me? that’s classic. took some thought. i’d bet you win a pulitzer for that little quip. or what do they give to comedians? whatever it is, they oughta give you one.

    let me see if i can get one over on you… hmm, let’s see… “Zing, your memories of your childhood are so vivid. Like Dickens.”


    you like dickens! give dave a dickens! hahaharrrrr.

  • Zing, your memories of your childhood are so vivid. Like Dickens.


  • zingzing

    archie: “No. It’s MSNBC that requires that of viewers El Bitcho.”

    fox requires a can of bud in one hand, a .45 in the other, a coonhound at your foot and a trailer for a home. there’s this big fat honky bitch with a tooth or two missing, griddlin’ some fatback and cussin’ you out cuz you let junior cook up the meth again and he fucked it all up and you just wanna smack that smirk right offa her goddamn face so baaaadddd… but you know what you do? you take a swig of that bud and you pat your coonhound on the head and you put that .45 under your chin and you remember you have to reload it cuz you were using it as an assplug last night while that fat whore snored and burped in her sleep and you looked at her wart, the one with the hair growing out of it and you thought that life couldn’t get much worse but now the woman is bitching again and it’s another day and you swear this one was worse than the last one. so you get up to go find the bullets and you trip on the cords running to your christmas tree (“why bother takin’ it down? just gonna have to put the damn thing up again…”) and you fly headfirst into the skillet with the fat back in it and the oil catches and burns you and that fat bitch to death and you laugh as you watch it all happen.

  • “Bill Rice took a couple of swings…The second blow connected, Rice’s pinky ended up in the man’s mouth…”

    And that’s why karate books always have a section (with photos) on how to make a proper fist…Health care 101

  • Refusal by Medicare to administer the treatment would be poetic justice.

  • Now, that’s what I like. “A new dimension” to the healthcare struggle. One wonders what’s next. Gnashing of teeth, sucking of dicks, love and kisses?

  • Or is it rather, that’s what you get for giving ’em a finger.

  • Was he insured?

  • Now, let’s have the finger discovered in a bowl of chili, and we’ll have a real story.

    Still, Dave, your timing is off. You’ll never beat Christine’s thread. I would have waited a day or two before it chills out.

  • Arch Conservative

    No. It’s MSNBC that requires that of viewers El Bitcho.

  • “He was also heavily drugged while on

    I thought FOX required that of all guests

  • Extra funny because it’s true. I tried to keep it newsy so I left out the parts about the finger biter looking almost exactly like Quasimodo from the Disney Hunchback movie and the finger loser looking quite a bit like a cross between Reagan and R. Lee Ermey. He was also heavily drugged while on Cavuto.


  • zingzing

    ha! funny stuff.