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The Internet has made it easy for anyone with a computer and a modem to read headlines from major news organizations, independent journalists, and personal blogs.

A headline is, basically, the title of an article or blog post. Usually, it is written in a provocative style to lure readers into the article. The short titles often contain enough information to communicate the basic news found within the article.

As the Internet has grown in popularity during the past decade, people have been able to use blog aggregators like Technorati to follow headlines from writers who post on numerous topics. Technorati and other blog aggregators allow readers to pick and choose specific blogs to follow and praise. Some blog aggregators allow readers to track the popularity and frequency of certain terms or “tags” that appear in the blogosphere.

Major search engines have dedicated news pages, like Yahoo News and Google News, which feature numerous headlines in several categories.

Organizations like Blogcritics have created a place for independent, online journalism, with headlines and articles that recall the content of traditional newspapers.

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