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He Came to Tell Me

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“I have to go,” he said. This saddened me. I pleaded for him not to leave. However, my uncle, who had been dead for 14 years, insisted that he couldn’t stay. I awoke that morning knowing what I had to face.

About two months before I had this dream, I dreamt about a chubby blonde baby boy. I held him in my arms as I stood in the house in which my mother lived as a child. To be exact, I was standing in what was once her brother’s bedroom. His name was James, but everyone knew him as Babe.  I looked at the baby in my arms and recognized him from a photo I have. “Are you Babe?” I asked the infant. Of course he could not answer me, though in the dream it was somehow confirmed that he was indeed my Uncle Babe as a baby.

Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant with my second child. I did not associate the dream with my new blessing right away. I chalked it up to a coincidence or a way of my mind healing my emotions in wanting a baby. As weeks passed I visited my obstetrician more than I could remember with my first child. The baby was not growing and we could not find a heartbeat.

My next appointment was to be a consultation. For some reason I still had hope, but deep down inside I knew that the life inside me was not going to survive the pregnancy. Two nights before my appointment, I had the second dream of Uncle Babe. He was no longer a baby but an old man – the way I remembered him in life. He told me he had to leave.

My fears were confirmed at my consultation. I either had to wait to miscarry or undergo a dilation and curettage procedure. After a week of waiting, I opted for the surgery. During the following months, I replayed the dreams in my mind again and again, in awe of their significance.

Since childhood I tried to decipher my dreams. I can still recall the dreams I’ve had throughout the 34 years of my life. I’ve written many down, and could probably use some of them as subject matter for future novels.

In my quest to find out their meanings, I have learned that dreams can serve as warnings. I have also heard and read about the dead visiting the living in dreams. Some may find a hard time believing in the latter. After the dream of my uncle, I believe it to be possible.

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  • Nancy

    I wonder how much of it is the subconscious, & how much Something Else? I’m sorry for your loss.