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HBO Debuts New Webisode of True Blood Online

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Today seems perfect timing to launch my new feature "A Taste of True Blood." I started writing about my favourite vampire show last season and this season decided to commit to a weekly feature. So, welcome to my little corner of True Blood, where, I’m sure you’ll agree with me and the True Blood marketing department — waiting sucks.

HBO has been feeling our pain and released some collectible downloadable posters to feed our addiction. We’ve also been getting some quick glimpses of next season playing after last season’s reruns on Sundays. These tidbits have all been gobbled up by True Blood fans, as they count down the days until season three starts on June 13. In a savvy marketing move, Alan Ball and HBO decided to make that wait a little easier by releasing six webisodes to give us our True Blood fix.

The six webisodes are billed as minisodes and are intended to keep returning fans’ appetites whetted, while luring new fans into the world of Bon Temps and Fangtasia, where vampires and humans eye each other hungrily and shapeshifters and werewolves rub shoulders with the locals. The production value is therefore high—showrunner Alan Ball wrote the scripts, which will feature Sookie, Bill, Eric, Tara, Sam, Jason, Lafayette, and Pam. The scenes will offer original content that draws on past and future storylines, but will not be seen in the season itself. “The minisodes provide a wonderful and rare opportunity to take a deeper look into Bon Temps and the characters that live in this colorful town,” said Alan Ball in the press release for the first webisode, featuring sexy Fangtasia owner Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and his sidekick, the fierce and funny Pam (Kristin Bauer) who was recently promoted to series regular.

Season Three poster  source:  Yahoo TV  http://tv.yahoo.com/show/39147/photos/1The webisode was released on April 27 online at Yahoo TV, along with this gorgeous season three poster. If you haven’t seen either, run over to Yahoo immediately to see the laugh out loud clip of Eric and Pam auditioning new dancers for the club.

Besides featuring impeccable timing between Skarsgård and Bauer, the clip is a little spoilery (WARNING: CASTING SPOILER AHEAD!) in that it introduces Yvetta, the new Czech dancer played by Natasha Alam. The webisode will also be able to be seen on HBO’s website and True Blood’s Facebook site starting Wednesday, April 28. The webisodes will make their premieres on HBO after the encore presentations of True Blood Sunday nights, starting May 2 and they will be available on HBO On Demand starting May 3.

HBO’s marketing team has been dedicated to filling the void between seasons since March, when the "Waiting Sucks" viral video and collectible posters were launched. And they’re not done yet. In addition to the five remaining webisodes, the press release says fans can look forward to “screening events, online, mobile and social media outreach, stunts, multi-platform and viral videos and traditional media.” HBO is giving us lots to chew over as the countdown begins to the season premiere.

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  • Jen

    Charcoal: Maybe you like boring shows like Mad Men or the even more boring Big Love. True Blood is all about fun. It’s not a heavy drama.

  • Mike Causo

    Alex Skarsgard looks so built and muscular in the HBO promo pic. But in real life he’s much thinner. Or atleast in the recent Coachella pics all over the internet. Talk about major photoshopping.

  • Kimberly

    I’m confused – weren’t these miniepisodes supposed to start on May 2nd???

  • Anonymous

    Everyone’s wondering of the webisodes will all be available online or only on the HBO channel? Is it only this first one that will be viewable on hbo.com?

  • Gerry

    Mike, Skarsgard is 6’4″, so he usually photographs as slim unless the camera really focuses in tight. Look at his shirtless photos in Generation Kill. He’s muscular.

  • Gerry

    Anonymous, the webisodes will be released first on a major online outlet, which will change from webisode to webisode, and the the next day be available at HBO.com and True Blood facebook. On Sunday, after the rerun airs, the webisode will make its network debut, and the next day will be available on HBO On Demand. This is the way each webisode will be rolled out, according to the press release.