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Have You Met “Little” Poindexter?

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Isn’t Harvard the school where, just last winter, some humor-deprived co-eds, as they used to be called, decimated a snow penis that the men’s crew team erected?

How do you think those angry, well-read feminists will respond to THIS?

Harvard University has approved a student magazine about sex that will feature art, sex advice and fiction — as well as photographs of undressed Harvard undergraduates.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly panting over here waiting for sex advice from bunch of 20-year-old chess team and physics club members. Based on the break-down of high school social groups represented at Harvard, I’m guessing that there’s, as usual, an abundance of theoretical knowledge but lack of real world experience on that campus. Just what exactly are they proposing to use for experience when talking giving out this advice?

Oh wait, they said they’ll be publishing fiction, right?

What’s their first hot topic going to be, “How to get the best rotation on your propeller hat”?

Interestingly, two Harvard women have started the magazine, which the board of Harvard faculty, staff, and students approved 12-0. First, good news that freedom of speech won out. Second, since women started the magazine, I have hope, at least, that pimply-faced, soft-bellied Harvard “men” will be equally represented in the magazine as their female counterparts.

Who knows, maybe everyone at Harvard will get lucky and the crew team snow penis arteests will pose for the magazine. That’s a good come-back for a maligned snow penis, isn’t it?

At the very least, whoever works on the magazine will get some very real world experience. In particular, they’re going to learn what it’s like to publish something a lot of people find distasteful. They’re going to learn how important freedom of speech really is. I don’t know if the two founding publishers really believe that their magazine “is an outlet for literary and artistic expression that is both desired and needed, not a pornographic magazine.” Sounds a bit like PR to me, but since nothing has been printed yet, it’s too early to tell.

I think the board that voted on this magazine made the right decision about freedom of speech. The bottom line is that Harvard students are adults and are free to read whatever they like.

Besides, where else could you be so sure that the students really will read the articles?

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