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Have We Forgotten the True Spirit of Christmas?

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Christmastime is always a period of excitement and overspending, but have we all got so lost in the commercialism of Christmas that we forgot that it is nothing to do with expensive games consoles and the perfect watch?

Call me Scrooge if you want, but I find ridiculous the amount of spending and shopping we do at Christmas.

Stores and shops begin their Christmas advertising in October and in a lot of places the prices are double their normal price. We are drawn in by all the tinsel and gift packages and then spend all of our spare time in the run-up to Christmas doing nothing but shopping and spending every penny we have and then some.

Now, I’m not trying to make everyone celebrate the birth of Christ and become religious if they are not, but I think that we have all forgotten what Christmas can be truly about, and let me tell you it is not expensive gift buying.

Christmas should be a season for spending quality time with our family and friends and bringing together those that you love. The gift-giving part should be a small part of it, and if the children are expecting Santa it still doesn’t have to be the most expensive toy on the market that he brings.

Plan your gifts from the comfort of your home first to avoid the festive falseness of the shops, and try to remember that Christmas is a magical and humble day to remember the birth of Christ and to be with family.

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  • Jordan Richardson

    Apparently we’ve “forgotten the true spirit of Christmas” every single year for a long time now. The only constancy is people reminding us, relentlessly, of the “reason for the season” year after year for the last several decades.