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Have I Reached the Party to Whom I Am Speaking?

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Lily Tomlin’s Ernestine the Telephone Operator regularly opened her segment with the query, “Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?” Simple logic always has to answer yes to this humorous interrogatory, because the real question was always “Is this the person to whom I’m intending to be speaking?”

The comments offered to my last post raised the memory of this character when I realized that I wasn’t reaching the Obama supporters as I hoped. Instead, I was hearing mostly from several regulars who have long-established “conservative” reputations with fossilized political leanings to match. Instead of replying to the points I raised, however, I became the topic of discussion, such as it was. I didn’t know that I was the guest on Bill O’Reilly’s show!

I’ve pulled back the curtain on Obama’s vulnerabilities as I see them with my recent articles (not that I was the “fustest” or “bestest” with my posts; far from it!), and that wasn’t appreciated by the Political Order of Horus. I didn’t expect them to be acceptable, for sweet dreams are much preferred to ugly reality. I just figured it would be the Obama wing of the Democratic voter base who would be wielding the flamethrowers.

Why should I conclude so? My guess (there is no evidence that would pass muster in the Republican Kangaroo Keyboard Kourt of Public Opinion) is that the staunch Obama supporters who don’t see his shortcomings are the ace in the hole for the Republican candidates. As long as Obama is the only Democrat in the 2012 race, his record will not become a target until it’s too late for him to do anything about it. But if due to some quirk in the time-space continuum I, or someone much more widely read than I, were to cause Obama’s staunch supporters to awaken from their stupor, that advantage could be lost, and a more defensible Democrat (even Obama when altered by a primary challenge, for instance) could emerge much earlier, making it less likely that any of the current crop of GOP zeros cold win handily, even with the vote tallies subjected to Diebolding. Can’t have that; wouldn’t be prudent!

There, I Said It. As the Human Torch would now say in my position, “Flame on!”

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  • Realist, when has an incumbent president been challenged for re-election from within his party and won?

  • If you’re looking for an article that’s not pointless, Archie, try this one. And if the first five sections are over your head, start with section VI on page 5.

  • I will note that I have responded to each of Realist’s OTT, de trop, ear-piercingly shrill [but tone-deaf] anti-Obama articles.

    Disagree with the president, cool, fine. Express your disappointment, understandable.

    But mischaracterize his centrist positions as evil and immoral and stupid: this is just showing your own cement-block-headedness.

    The administration has repeatedly taken middle-of-the-road, compromise stancess: on stimulus [too small, says the left], health care [single payer or nothing, says the left], financial reform, tax cuts. They still get derided from the right as socialist extremists, while leaving the NetRoots crowd [and Realist] inevitably dissatisfied.

    But true believers, left and right, always complain about everything.

    Obama has settled for the difficult politics of centrist compromise rather than the completely impossible politics of the self-righteous left, for whom there is only one way to do everything, only one right answer to each situation.

    Welcome to the real world, Realist [you need a new name].

  • If the bar is too low, I tend to fall over when leaning against it…

  • Jordan Richardson

    Honestly. How much lower can the bar get here?

  • Arch Conservative

    Another day at BC. Another pointless article.

  • As Chair of the Obama Wing of the Democratic Voter Base, I want to thank you for your commentary and ask you for a donation, no matter how small, because we ran out of gasoline for the flame throwers. Incidentally, if you really want to get comments, why don’t you consider writing some utter crap, next time? Just a thought.