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Havalina Rail Co.- Russian Lullabies

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Few bands have worn so many musical masks as Havalina Rail Co. Not that they wear actual, physical masks. Not at all. But thier music flirts inbetween many musical genres. Amazingly, they manage to do it without it sounding disjointed and odd. They’ve gone from swing to Italian flavored jazz to americana. Thier songs are bright and they are dark. Above all they are artists.

Unfortunately, most of their cds are out of print and unavailable. The only cd of thiers that’s still readily available is thier most recent release, “Space, Love, & Bullfighting” one of the best cds they’re released.

But not quite the best. “Russian Lullabies” was a fantastic and long out of print release. It’s what catapulted them from a small, almost talented group to a status next to God in the eyes of indie snobs around the world (what few there were in the mid 90’s when it was released).

I wanted this cd bad. It was only last summer that I discovered the band and it was out of print already. A bit daunted, I figured I’d check with the band themself. They should have a few extra copies laying around, right?

Not quite. After talking to one of the band members at a music festival called Purple Door, I learned 2 things. One, there is no way to get the cd. Two, they are looking into re-releasing it because of the demand.

I am eagarly waiting for them to re-release it because it is such a fantastic disc. However, I do not need one now. I was shopping at a small music store in a small town and I ran across a copy new. I about passed out from shock and excitement when I saw it. I like to think I found the last copy in any store, period.

The guitars on the cd have an apparant Italian feel to them, not unlike “Space, Love, & Bullfighting”. However, there are added violins and other instruments (that I can’t identify by ear) that give a strong Russian feel. Most powerful are the instrumental tracks. They have a haunting, excited energy that drives them to an almost chaotic point.

Put this cd on your list to look for in used music stores or ebay. Or wait for them to re-release it. And in the meantime, pick up “Space, Love, & Bullfighting” to snack on.


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  • Bonnie Simmons

    just wanted to say thanks. Review was awesome. Now I am a little covetous of my 2 copies and tape of Russian Lullibies. I had no idea it was out of print. It is my all time favorite. I often recommend it to friends worthy of listening to the ultmate, artistic God inspired , experience.

  • The Theory

    hey, thanks for the feedback. it’s great to see other people who appriciate good music.


  • paul

    Just ran across this on a Google search. Havalina is sick. Sicker than sick. I caught them back at Cornerstone festival…was it ’99?…at their midnight show in the middle of southern Ill. Very Ill, no doubt. Standing on sun-dried, muddied piles of hay on deepened the visceral atmosphere. Oh – that and, uh, orlando pulling his trademark flips on stage while plucking his bass.

    Can’t say you gave the album much lip service here. Rightfully so. Some albums don’t need supporting words. Email me if you wanna talk Havalina.

  • rob

    I’ve bought this CD five times: twice for myself (a friend I lent it to lost it), and three times as a gift, and now I’m kicking myself hard for having lost my FIFTH STINKING copy. Brilliant. Beautiful. The only other CD I can think of that I’d buy five times is The Joshua Tree, or Blood on the Tracks.

  • Wow, I just re-discovered Havalina from a mix CD I got off the floor of my truck on a long road trip. I think I’ve lost my copist of Russian Lullabie and Dimond in the Fish – as all that golden era Tooth and Nail – but I still have the mp3’s. But when I googled them, their website gave me a 90mb download of their full catalog! Super bonus to the internet.